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Programme of Capacity Building in Economic Policy - SPEAL II (1996-2001)

In association with CIEPLAN (Santiago, Chile), CIS carried out the capacity-building project SPEAL-II. This project was funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).

The objective of the project was to develop the skills of young LAC economists in the analysis of current economic and social problems and in the elaboration and implementation of relevant economic policy. The methodology used in this project consisted in the delivery by Canadian faculty of a series of short courses in Spanish focusing on the analysis and design of economic policies and strategies for Latin America. A total of 29 courses were taught in four LAC countries: Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, and Peru.

In the implementation of capacity-building programs such as this one, CIS makes use of a large pool of specialized resources. CIS has compiled a list of collaborators which includes more than 40 Canadian economics professors with excellent knowledge of Spanish, and thus perfectly able to teach in this language. This list of bilingual experts includes not only faculty from the University of Toronto, but also from many other Canadian universities. This vast base of high quality resources allows us to cover in an extremely satisfactory manner a large range of specialties within economics.

An international conference on Critical Issues in Financial Reform: Latin American-Caribbean and Canadian Perspectives (Toronto, June 1-2, 2000) was also organized as part of the project. Edited versions of many of the papers presented at the conference were published in a volume on Critical Issues in International Financial Reform (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 2003).