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After Nafta Research Programme (1993-1997)

This project was funded by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) through the Canadian Foundation for the Americas (FOCAL).

The After NAFTA Research Programme had the general objective of providing sharply-focused policy research and forward-looking analysis on key issues pertaining to Canadian, Latin American and Caribbean economic and social relations in a post-North American Free Trade era.

The programme generated new knowledge and advanced fresh ideas on the evolving economic and social relationships in the region. In essence, it contributed towards the understanding of the economic and social impact on Canada and Latin America and the Caribbean of a more open trade and investment regime in the Americas.

Research had a forward-looking focus and reflected key Canadian and regional economic and social interests. The programme’s research effort focused on two modules: 1) The Impact of Economic Integration on Trade, Investment, and Technology Transfer; and 2) Labour Markets and Social Policy under Economic Integration in the Americas. A total of 11 projects were funded in the two modules.

The programme also organized an international conference on Labour Market Policy in Canada and Latin America under Economic Integration (Toronto, December 7-8, 1995), and produced the FOCAL/CIS Working Paper series.