Like all great universities, the University of Toronto consists of an intertwining of intellectual, social, and physical environments. At the best institutions, these environments support and complement one another. Through the implementation of the Open Space Master Plan, we will pass on a remarkable legacy to future generations.

Alex Waugh, Chair, Open Space Steering Committee


Welcome to University of Toronto's new Open Space Master Plan.

The landscape is one of the University's greatest physical assets. In June 1999, all levels of University governance unanimously approved Investing in the Landscape. The Plan written by Urban Strategies Inc. was the culmination of an extensive participation process involving the entire University community (students, staff, faculty and alumni). The University now wishes to build on the critical mass and energy behind the Plan and shift its focus from the vision to a built reality. Apart from the St. George Street revitalization, this will be the first collective action on the part of the University to improve the campus open space since 1827.

The following pages set forth a vision for restoring the St George campus. Investing in the Landscape offers not only a policy framework, but also sets out targeted actions to effect change. Six demonstration projects are identified. They illustrate the Plan's design guidelines and will make dramatic changes to the campus. The University sees the restoration and enhancement of its central historical precinct as the first crucial step in implementing the Open Space Master Plan. The project will provide an exciting opportunity to realize the new thinking now taking place at the University of Toronto and set the standard for moving into the next millennium.

This site offers extensive information about the Plan, as well as in depth overviews of each of the Demonstration Sites which form the focus of the Plan.

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If you have any questions or comments about any aspect of the plan, please visit the Contact Us page.

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