Spadina Circle - Russell Street


  • To create a landscape of landmark quality;
  • To create a significant, distinctive, pedestrian-oriented gateway to the West Campus;
  • To create an enhanced east-west pedestrian connection along Russell Street.


Project Summary

The Spadina Circle - Russell Street intersection is a significant gateway to the southwest part of the campus. The form of Spadina Circle and the surrounding buildings create a one-of-a-kind place in the city and a wonderful opportunity to restore a gem of the past while creating a significant entry to the University. The University Development Site on the north end of the Circle and the existing historic building can add to the tradition of courtyard buildings at the University.

The Demonstration Site combines Spadina Circle and a re-worked Russell Street to create a new entry to the southwest part of the campus. Huron and Russell Streets will demonstrate a new image for the streets of the West Campus, one that makes the streets distinctive and recognizable as an integral part of the open space on campus, in which a better balance between automobiles, pedestrians and streetscapes is achieved.

The return of Spadina Circle as a landscape of landmark quality is a goal of this project.

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