College Street


  • To build upon the success of St. George Streetand enhance this campus edge street;
  • To reinforce the special streetscape of College Street;
  • To create several new open spaces in the southern portion of the campus.


Project Summary

With its handsome, solid university buildings and continuous setback along the street, College Street provides the backdrop to a proposed linear landscape of street trees, seating and pedestrian amenity along the sunny side of the street. Several important new open space opportunities are present along the corridor including the northwest corner of College Street and University Avenue, the proposed Taddle Creek Road forecourt (University Development Site 15) and the St. George Street intersection.

Investing in the Landscape recommends streetscaping on College Street to illustrate the importance of the major edge streets to both the city and the campus. College Street is a location where the community would benefit from a significant streetscape upgrading project.

College Street represents the next opportunity to build on the success of St. George Street in transforming the city streets of the campus into unique urban open spaces.

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