Willcocks Street - Sidney Smith Hall - New College - Huron Street


  • To create a significant, landmark-quality open space and a focus for student activity on theWest Campus;
  • To create distinctive streetscapes in the West Campus, specific to the University of Toronto;
  • To enhance pedestrian connections to the Central Campus.


Project Summary

This Demonstration Site is intended to implement Primary Objective 7, to create a significant open space on the West Campus. Willcocks Street, between Huron and St. George Streets, has been choosen as the place to create this space. It is envisioned as a meeting area and focal point on the West Campus, with significant tree planting and a skating area for winter activity. It will provide a connection to St. George Street and a passage through to the Central Campus. A major contribution to the space will come from redesigned Huron and Willcocks Street cross sections which will allow a better pedestrian system, traffic calming and street tree planting, to demonstrate a new image for the streets of the West Campus.
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