Back Campus


  • To revitalize this historic campus open space;
  • To create a landmark-status landscape;
  • To improve connections to Hart House Green and the Front Campus.

Project Summary

Surrounded by high quality historic buildings, the revitalized Back Campus will become a significant open space in the heart of the campus. It offers the potential to provide high quality recreational playing fields, significant additions and improvements to the landscape of deciduous trees and contemplative spaces on campus, and four commemorative walks and associated gardens.

The eastern edge of the space and the Soldiers' Tower passage are proposed to be linked to a new central walkway leading to Hart House Green and the Front Campus. The University Art Centre in University College will have an entrance from the Back Campus in the form of a sculpture court behind the Memorial Wall

The Back Campus design is a focal point of open space revitalization in the centre of the University. A complete redefinition of the space is proposed to achieve a landscape of landmark stature.

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