King's College Circle - Convocation Hall Plaza - King's College Road - St. George Street Linkages


  • To revitalize the historic centre of the University;
  • To establish a landscape of significant deciduous trees in the Central Campus;
  • To improve connections to Back Campus, St. GeorgeStreet and College Street;
  • To create a significant and special space in front ofConvocation Hall.


Project Summary

The proposed changes to King's College Circle, King's College Road and Convocation Hall Plaza will transform the landscape of the Central Campus and define three specific and different spaces. King's College Circle, an oval of green surrounded by plantings of deciduous trees will provide a foreground to the historic structures of the Central Campus. A central walkway along the east side of King's College Circle through Soldiers' Tower will lead to the Back Campus. Convocation Hall Plaza will provide the stage for the ceremony of the campus and create a central gathering point for special events.
King's College Road is proposed to be gated at each end and provide both a forecourt to the adjacent academic buildings and a defined sequence of entry into the Central Campus open spaces. Automobile movement will be reduced to favour pedestrian needs and surface parking will be removed. King's College Circle and King's College Road are the historic centre of the University. This Demonstration Site represents the revitalization of the heart of the St. George Campus open space system. The result should be a landscape of landmark status.
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