Hart House Green - Queen's Park - Wellesley Street


  • To reconnect the historic open spaces of the University district;
  • To re-image Hart House Green by revitalizing the landscape and restoring a water feature with possible storm watermanagement functions;
  • To reconfigure the Queen's Park Crescent and WellesleyStreet intersections and the Wellesley Street corridor to create a pedestrian-oriented entry to the campus, Queen's Park and the Ontario Legislature.


Project Summary

Hart House Green, Queen's Park and the Ontario Legislature are part of the original layout of the University district. Until 1954, these three open spaces were more or less continuous, interwoven with small scale roads and paths. This condition changed when the western side of Queen's Park Crescent was formalized. The spaces are now divided by a grade-separated automobile overpass on Queen's Park Crescent. The revitalization of Hart House Green is the primary action needed to reconnect the significant open spaces of the University district. A complete reconnection also requires removing the Queen's Park Crescent overpass, rebuilding an at-grade intersection and improving Queen's Park and Wellesley Street. A proposed landscape of trees, the use of topography and a water feature at the intersection will transform this entry to the campus and make the Queen's Park Crescent and Wellesley Street intersection an important focal point in the city. The Hart House Green - Queen's Park - Wellesley Street space is a Gateway Site to the entire University and Queen's Park district. Its redesigned landscape should be of landmark quality and create a new main entrance to the St. George Campus that will provide strong linkages to the Federated and Affiliated Colleges and Universities to the east of Queen's Park Crescent.
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