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Investing in the Landscape presents targeted actions for six areas within the Revitalization Armature, which are profiled in detail as Demonstration Sites. These targeted actions were developed in consultation with the Open Space Steering Committee. All of the chosen sites are within the Pedestrian Priority Zone, as described in the Open Space Revitalization Strategies section of the Plan.

The Demonstration Sites should not be considered as isolated undertakings but rather as first steps to illustrate the potential of the campus open spaces to achieve the vision and Primary Objectives outlined in the Plan. Most of the sites contain a wide range of opportunities for both large and small scale projects, and portions of the sites could be undertaken as separate capital projects.

Each Demonstration Site contains four levels of information:

1. Base information on key buildings, focal points and the identification of the University Development Sites.
2. An analysis of pedestrian movement characteristics.
3. A Detailed Master Plan Concept drawing that describes the basic changes proposed for the site.
4. A rendering to illustrate the landscape design concept for each site.

The information has been saved in a digital format and can be used for a variety of purposes, including to structure partnerships, develop funding programs and provide background information for design competitions and commissions.

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