The Vision for the Campus

Investing in the Landscape is a vision for the St. George Campus. The key to the vision is consistency and coherence: a system of distinctive landscape elements to allow the landscape to become a unifying framework that connects Queen's Park, the Central Campus and the West Campus. At the same time, the complexity and diversity of the University community and surrounding urban context must be recognized. Investing in the Landscape's vision can provide a cohesive structure for the campus to create a sense of place and distinguish it from the surrounding urban fabric, of which it is an integral part. At the same time, it allows for diversity in the spaces within its framework.

The Federated and Affiliated Colleges and Universities are autonomous in their planning efforts and are outside the terms of reference of the Plan. However, the vision opens the door for their involvement in campus revitalization through enhanced pedestrian linkages and spaces shared in common with the St. George Campus.

Imagine the campus in a decade or two, responding to Investing in the Landscape.

Open Space Opportunities
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