Playing Fields and Active Recreation

Formal Facilities

The inner city location of the St. George Campus creates a tight configuration of development. This has required the University to use its open spaces for the dual purpose of active and passive recreation.

There are several formal recreation facilities on campus: two playing fields on the Back Campus; two playing fields on the Front Campus; one playing field and track associated with the existing Varsity Stadium; and a field, two tennis courts and a skating rink at the Aura Lee Playing Field on Robert Street. All of these spaces accommodate other uses and none of the playing fields have been constructed in a manner that supports intensive, permit-style league events. These formal facilities are very important to the Faculty of Physical Education and Health for teaching, athletic, fitness and recreational programs. The fields play an additional role in passive outdoor use, as the grounds for convocation and as snow storage areas in winter.

The Varsity Stadium and Arena are slated for demolition and replacement in conjunction with University Development Site 21. The redevelopment will include a new Varsity Stadium with an artificial turf game field, a 400 metre artificial surface running track, stadium seating and associated dressing rooms and field support facilities.

Walking and Running

The pathway system of the campus currently serves as the location for informal running, jogging and outdoor fitness activities. This activity will continue in any reconfiguration of the campus open spaces.


32. Four formal playing fields should be maintained and improved within the major open spaces of the campus: two on the Back Campus, one on the Front Campus and one at the Aura Lee Playing Field. These fields should be constructed to allow for intensive sports events.

33. Several defined running routes of different lengths should be established within the campus. These routes could include a circuit around the four sides of the Back Campus, a circuit around the common green of the Front Campus or a linkage of the two.

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