Campus Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting on the University of Toronto campus can be broadly defined in five categories:

  • street lighting;
  • pedestrian scale lighting;
  • facilities lighting for night use;
  • security lighting; and
  • special effect lighting

A reconsideration of the major open spaces presents an opportunity to address several campus-wide issues related to lighting.

Street Lighting

The City of Toronto has a well-defined system of district design for street lighting that uses pedestrian scale lighting to create individual identity for an area. This system has been applied to many areas of the city.

The St. George Street reconstruction has begun this process on the campus and it should be continued in any street or streetscape reconstruction including Queen's Park Crescent, Bloor Street, the West Campus streets and College Street. The installation of pedestrian scale lighting to illuminate walking areas should be a priority within the street system of the Pedestrian Priority Zone.

Open Space Lighting

Lighting on campus has a strong relationship to the perceived security of the campus. As a public place open to full night use, the design of lighting on the campus must follow a direction similar to that of the public street system.

Prior to undertaking any significant open space revitalization, the University should review current technical lighting requirements to establish a set of standards for open space illumination. These standards would be used to inform the lighting design component of open space projects.


34. The same pedestrian scale lighting should be used in both the street system and in the major open spaces in the Pedestrian Priority Zone, including consistent illumination levels and fixture design.

35. General illumination of the large open spaces in the central portion of the campus should be provided to improve night visibility for pedestrians.

36. Indirect lighting of important building facades and landscape features should be used to enhance the general night-time illumination level and visual amenity of the campus.

37. Site-specific architectural and security lighting should be used for passageways, building entrances, courtyards and service locations.

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