Over the years the campus has become the location of several significant monuments of different origin and meaning. The war memorial on Queen's Park Crescent, the Memorial Wall and Soldiers' Tower, the gates at the head of Philosopher's Walk and the Meridian Line on King's College Road contribute to the richness and history of the campus. Each of these monuments should be integrated into any new open space design in a manner that retains and enhances their dignity.

The proposed Convocation Hall Plaza includes a location for a significant monument or dedication. The plaza is centrally located on the campus and is proposed as an automobile-free area. A monument, such as a memorial wall, could provide an interesting backdrop for the east side of the plaza and create a transition between the central common green and King's College Road.


65. All existing dedicated monuments should be incorporated into new designs for campus open spaces. A location for a new monument in the proposed Convocation Hall Plaza should be preserved.

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