Initial Actions

The following initial actions are proposed as the first steps in the process of revitalizing the campus open spaces.

1. Obtain University approval of the Primary Objectives of Investing in the Landscape as high level goals for the revitalization of the campus open spaces.

2. Obtain University approval of the Revitalization Armature as the long term planning focus of open space improvements.

3. Obtain University approval of the Demonstration Site projects outlined in Investing in the Landscape, to allow fundraising for these projects to begin.

4. Obtain University approval of the Recommendations outlined in Investing in the Landscape to establish strategies for open space revitalization.

5. Establish the Open Space Revitalization Office (OSRO) to continue the process begun by the 1997 Open Space Visioning Exercise and Investing in the Landscape.

Once established, the first priorities for the OSRO should be placed on four activities.

1. The OSRO should use the Recommendations in Investing in the Landscape as guidelines for open space development of all kinds on the campus.

2. The OSRO should coordinate the preparation and distribution of technical studies related to the removal of the Queen's Park Crescent overpass and the pedestrian improvements to this district. The partnerships with the adjacent institutions and the appropriate City of Toronto departments should be formalized, leading to a presentation to the Toronto Community Council for endorsement.

3. A similar liaison should be established with the City of Toronto related to the technical requirements of reconfiguring the streets of the West Campus.

4. The Demonstration Sites and the order-of-magnitude Costing Study (prepared as a background technical report for this Plan) should be used to develop a funding program for the Revitalization Armature.
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