Entrances to the Campus

The University and its Affiliated and Federated Colleges and Universities occupy an open district within the city, characteristic of most major institutions and public places in Toronto.

The St. George Campus has some 20 places that function as entrances of some significance. These places have been structured into one of four categories: Gateway Sites, Gates, Markers and Entrances.

Gateway Sites

Gateway sites include Spadina Circle, the Varsity redevelopment, the intersection of Wellesley Street and Queen's Park Crescent and the northwest corner of College Street and University Avenue. The ensemble of street, building and landscape make these Gateway Sites important landmarks in the City of Toronto with a direct association to the campus.


Gates are a traditional expression of an enclosed entranceway. The University does not have a history of gated entrances, with two exceptions:

  • Prior to the construction of the Queen's Park Crescent overpass at Wellesley Street, a series of brick piers marked the entrance to the University.
  • The historic gates on Bloor Street at the top of Philosopher's Walk originated as a ceremonial piece at the top of Queen's Park Crescent and were moved to this location after the event. These gates are still present and have a strong association with Philosopher's Walk.

A further gate structure is currently located beside the Fitzgerald Building on College Street. Two additional gate structures are proposed on King's College Road: one set at College Street and one set at Convocation Hall.


7. Gateway Sites should be enhanced to provide distinctive and high quality environments in the most visible and to the University of Toronto.

8. New gates should be limited to two locations on King's College Road.

9. Free standing markers should conform to the new University site signage standards. Markers could also be integrated into the design of new buildings and landscape structures and be specific to the design of those elements.

10. The University should explore the feasibility of installing a full set of City of Toronto special precinct street signs in a manner that makes them difficult to remove.


Markers are special locations where opportunities exist to announce the University of Toronto's location. Markers include the new graduate residence at Spadina Avenue and Harbord Street, the existing St. George Street markers at Bloor Street and at College Street, the Wellesley Street and Queen's Park Crescent intersection, the Hoskin Avenue and Queen's Park Crescent intersection, and TTC subway, streetcar and bus stops. Markers could be incorporated into new buildings or structures to denote the location of the University, or constructed as free standing landscape elements, as on St. George Street. Campus and area maps would be useful additions to these locations.


Entrances are the many street locations where the University and the City of Toronto meet. These locations should be marked by distinctive street signage.

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