Consultation on Campus Open Spaces

The University initiated a consultation process in 1997, as a first step in exploring the potential to improve the open spaces on the St. George Campus. The process began with a visioning exercise that included students, staff, administration, and alumni, and continued throughout 1998 by including the University community in the selection of the consultant team that would undertake the Open Space Master Plan. Over the summer and early fall of 1998, the consultation continued through a series of meetings, workshops, interviews and presentations for various groups.

In addition to providing a valuable communication role, the consultation process provided a wide range of feedback on the perception of the open spaces on the campus. It confirmed that concern about the quality of the campus landscape was not restricted to the present University community. Alumni feel strongly about this issue and are prepared to raise funds for improvements. Views were also presented by people who are not directly connected with the University but who consider the campus a very important place within the structure of open spaces in the City of Toronto.

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