The Campus in the City

Over the years the University of Toronto has grown from a semi-rural land reserve to a dynamic institutional district in the heart of a vibrant city. Throughout this growth, the campus has remained an integral and shaping force in the portion of the city fabric that it occupies. While Investing in the Landscape deals with the St. George Campus specifically, the Affiliated and Federated Universities and Colleges and other University facilities extend out into the fabric of the city in all directions.

This extended presence is a tremendous force in influencing the adjacent land uses of the district, determining transit routes and service levels and defining the character and use of city streets. The open spaces of the St. George Campus combine with the landscapes of the Affiliated and Federated Colleges and Universities and other open spaces in the district to create a city-wide resource.

One of the joys of living in the Annex neighbourhood is walking through the campus from Spadina Avenue to Bay Street within a remarkable set of landscapes. One of the best places to view the Santa Claus parade is from Queen's Park Crescent within the University precinct. One of the primary tourist attractions in the core of the city is the Central Campus. The University and the city have a relationship that mutually reinforces the good things about each place. Investing in the Landscape, as the next stage in the evolution of the campus, must seek to improve upon all of the opportunities available in the district, continue to provide linkages to the resources adjacent to the St. George Campus and continue to contribute to the unique quality of life found in Toronto's core area.


1. Investing in the Landscape should continue the legacy of placing the St. George Campus within the dynamic heart of the City of Toronto. Positive works for the St. George Campus should be extended wherever possible to include adjacent sites, institutions, communities and public works that could contribute to an improvement to the overall sense of place for the district. In particular, the approaches to the campus from adjacent neighbourhoods and transit stops should be acknowledged and enhanced.

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