Art on Campus

The revitalization of the open spaces represents an opportunity to significantly increase the amount of public art on campus. The curator of the University of Toronto Art Collection could provide a resource to assist open space projects in the selection of artists, the creation of terms of reference for art projects, funding and the curation of works within the University collection system.

Two methods are suggested to begin a broad program of installing public artworks in the campus open spaces: art in landscape design and art in individual settings.

Art in Landscape Design

There is a growing trend towards the inclusion of artists as a part of the design team for open spaces and public infrastructure. This collaborative effort results in a richer project by adding another dimension to the design process of landscape architecture.

Art in Individual Settings

The campus is an appropriate setting for the integration of art into open spaces. The Demonstration Sites illustrate potential locations for such artworks.

The University Art Centre has expressed an interest in establishing an outdoor sculpture court at the northeast door to University College. This facility could provide both an entrance to the Art Centre and an important outdoor amenity. In addition, the Hart House Green could be used to display artworks and act as a revolving outdoor display area for special events held by the Art Centre.


63. The University should require that teams hired to design new open spaces on the campus include artists as part of the collaboration.

64. The curator of the University of Toronto Art Collection and the University Art Committee should work together with the Physical Planning and Design Advisory Committee to develop a program to expand the presence of public art in the open spaces of the campus and broaden the involvement of artists in the design of University facilities.


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