Open Space Master Plan Structure

Investing in the Landscape can guide the University toward achieving the vision for the St. George Campus. It is intended to be an accessible guide to the revitalization of the St. George Campus, and is comprised of three interconnected sections of information:

Primary Objectives

  • Investing in the Landscape is underpinned by ten Primary Objectives that exemplify a new way of thinking about the campus. They are high level goals, intended to set the University on a course of open space renewal and development. These Objectives implement many of the open space policies in the University Master Plan and the Part II Plan for the University of Toronto Area.


  • The Primary Objectives are supported by a number of Recommendations that provide direction and guidelines to help the University through the process of planning, designing, funding and implementing a broad range of targeted actions to revitalize the campus open spaces. One of the most crucial recommendations is the creation of an Open Space Revitalization Office, to coordinate these targeted actions.

Demonstration Sites

  • Demonstration Sites illustrate the way in which the Primary Objectives can be used to revitalize the open spaces on campus. The demonstrations show existing site conditions, pedestrian movements and a program of features that could improve the space. Taken together, these targeted actions create a bold and imaginative armature, or supporting framework, for the revitalization of the primary open spaces of the campus.

Each of the document sections can be read independently of the others. Read together, they provide a broader overview of the vision and process that led to the creation of the Plan, and the necessary steps for its implementation. Several issues required technical assessment and special study as background papers to the Plan. A study of the Queen's Park Crescent overpass removal and an order-of-magnitude Cost Study provide a basic understanding of these issues. These are available under separate cover.

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