Surgery in Africa

The objective of Surgery in Africa is to provide a self-directed online, journal-based course for surgical trainees who are undertaking the Fellowship of the College of Surgery (FCS). As such, we will be guided by the FCS syllabus, but we aim at all times to make the material relevant to the African experience. The format will be that of monthly reviews, which will discuss topics of surgical interest, referenced with appropriate full-text books and articles. We will try to adhere to the principles of evidence-based medicine in our recommendations.

Although COSECSA trainees are our primary focus, we hope that these reviews will appeal to all surgeons in the region and internationally, who are interested in International Surgery. By selecting controversial topics we expect to generate discussion and debate among our readers.

In October 2006, Surgery in Africa was accredited by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeon of Canada to award Maintenance of Competence credits for participation in the CME questionnaire included with each month’s Review. Participation in the course now includes these credits plus an international discussion group and Resource Library.

As of June 2007, Surgery in Africa will award a $500 Can honorarium to surgeons from low-income countries who author a published Review. This has been made possible through a 1 year unrestricted educational grant from Johnson & Johnson Medical Limited.

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Professor Pankaj Jani, Nairobi, Kenya
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Surgery in Africa is supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Johnson & Johnson.

Surgery in Africa is supported by the Canadian Network for International Surgery and the Canadian International Development Agency.

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