The Office for International Surgery, University of Toronto
and the Canadian Network for International Surgery

are hosting the

Bethune Round Table 2009

"Clinical Care in Context"


May 22-23-Meeting at the Bahen Centre, 40 St. George St., Room 1180, Toronto, ON
May 24-Video Production for Surgical Teaching Workshop
(Surgical Skills Lab, Mount Sinai Hospital)


Keynote Speakers:

  1. Dr. Pascience Kibatala, Surgeon and Med. Director
    St. Francis Designated District Hospital
    from Ifakara, Tanzania
  2. Dr. Bryce Taylor, Surgeon in Chief and Director,
    Surgical Services, UHN Professor and Associate
    Chair, Department of Surgery, University of Toronto
    Safe Surgery Saves Lives
  3. Dr. Stephen Bickler, Pediatric Surgeon at UCSD


To register for the Bethune Round Table Meeting, please click here.

To register for the "Surviving and Succeeding at Surgery in Africa"course, please click here.


Program Highlights:

- Keynote: International Perspectives on Patient Safety in Surgery:
Following a landmark New England Journal of Medicine Study on A Surgical Safety Checklist to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality in a Global Population (NEJM 2009 January 29th), Doctors Bryce Taylor (Chief of Surgery, University Health Network, Toronto) and Pascience Kibatala (Surgeon and Medical Director, St. Francis Designated District Hospital, Ifakara, Tanzania) will discuss complementary perspectives on implementation of the same WHO patient safety tool in very different contexts but with very similar and positive results.

- Keynote: Global Burden of Surgical Disease:
Stephen Bickler, Paediatric Surgeon at UCSD, will present up to date material on the global burden of surgically treatable disease, and a research agenda which describes how each of us can contribute to narrowing surgical care gaps within our lifetimes. Dr Bickler has worked for extended periods in the Gambia, South Africa, Macedonia, Guyana, India and Pakistan. His recent editorial in the Lancet was on Global Surgery - Defining a Research Agenda.

- Scientific Program:
Featuring over 25 podium presentations including over 15 presented by colleagues from low income countries addressing the theme "Clinical Care in Context". Learn about North - South collaborations for the teaching of surgery using innovations such as telehealth, skills labs, and novel structured training courses. See the results of implementation of large scale programs on trauma first response, clubfoot management, and diabetic foot management. Debate and discuss the role of non-MD providers performing endoscopy and fracture care. Hear fascinating clinical 'tips and tricks' from seasoned clinicians with unique and carefully studied approaches to tissue reconstruction, keloid scarring, and internal fixation of fractures. For tentative program click here.

- Debate:
Resolution "Role of Immigrant Surgeons in Canada’s Health Work Force”". Senior academic surgeons, Drs. Hugh Scully, Massey Beveridge, Ron Lett, and Miliard Derbew will take sides on this issue and respond to probing questions from an international panel and you, the audience. Your vote will resolve the issue.

- Interaction:
Ample moderated discussion of each paper. Coffee breaks and lunch breaks designed for networking with new and old colleagues. Pub night on Friday.

- Social Program:
Banquet on Saturday Evening at Gallery Grill, Hart House, University of Toronto. After dinner speech "A surgeon on Mount Everest" by John Semple, Chief of Surgery, Women's College Hospital, Toronto. Dr Semple climbed most of the way up Everest in order to study the effects of high altitude storms on the health risks of climbing. He has discovered that severe storms bring the stratosphere down to mountaintop levels, and his analysis of the 'Into Thin Air' storm for the American Meteorological Society is simply breathtaking. Hear about the climb, the medicine, and the research. (note: those attending the meeting at the $20 trainee rate must pay $100 for a ticket to this optional banquet if they wish to attend)

Post BRT courses in Hamilton:

May 25th CNIS course – ‘Surviving and Succeeding at Surgery in Africa’
May 26th SAGES course – ‘Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery’
(By invitation only)

***Abstract submission is now closed. Acceptance letters have been sent out on February 27, 2009. Please check your e-mail and read it carefully for instructions.

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