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This section of Mouseia contains links to online articles, organized by a series of categories developed by Professor Lynne Teather in her Curriculum Guide for Museum Studies: A Framework for Reflective Practice. Click on any of the categories below to find a list of links to articles in that category. Each entry contains the title of the paper with a link to it, the author, the host web site, date of internet publication, and a brief description of the paper's contents or argument. This site will be continually updated as more links are found; please email Lynne Teather to suggest additional resources. 


2. THE MUSEUM CONTEXT  (listed on separate web page)

  • 2.1 The Historical Framework 
  • 2.2 Defining the Subject of Study: Number and Types 
  • 2.3 The Legal & Organizational Context 
  • 2.4 The Cultural and Economic Context 
  • 2.5 The Professional Context 
  •     Also See Conference Papers
  • 2.6 The Philosophical and Theoretical Context

·         New Museums, Ecomuseums, Alternative Museums

·        Museums of First Nations and Indigenous Peoples 

·        Museums Community, Cultural Pluralism/Diversity and Sustainable Development.

·        Museums Meaning and Memory


·                            3. ANALYZING MUSEUM OPERATIONS: COLLECTIONS MANAGEMENT IN MUSEUMS: INTERNAL  (listed on separate web page.)

  • 3.0 The Collections/Object/Specimen Context 
  • 3.1 The History of Collections in General and in the Museum 
  • 3.2 The Characteristics of Museum Collections 
  • 3.3 The Purposes of Collections 
  • 3.4 Collections Management 
  • 3.5 Legal Issues and Collections
  •  3.6 Conservation 


  • 5.1 Theories and Principles of Management in General and in Museums 
  • 5.2 Managing Resources 
  • 5.3 Insurance & Security 
  • 5.4 Museum Management Trends 
  • 5.5 Planning for Buildings, Facilities and Architecture 
  • 5.6 Planning for Computerization 


1.1 Defining the Field: What is a Museum?

Defining Museums and Galleries
By Patrick Boylan, City University London Web site, January 1999 
A list of different definitions for "museum".

Museological Terminology
by Peter Van Mensch.

Museum Words.
Excerpt from the presentation, Museum People: Reflections on Our Professional Culture, given by D. Neil Bremer at the American Association of Museums' 92nd Annual Meeting in Atlanta, 28 April, 1997.

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1.2 Field or Discipline: The History and Current State of Study

Towards a Methodology of Museology
By Peter van Mensch, The Reinwardt Academie Web site, 1992 
Ph.D. Dissertation
Seminal work.

Magpies on Mount Helicon
By Peter van Mensch, The Reinwardt Academie Web site 
An analysis of the history of museology and the notion of "New Museology". Paper presented at the joint meeting of ICOFOM and MINOM during the General Conference of ICOM at Stavanger, July 4th, 1995. Published in: M.Schärer ed., Museum and community. ICOFOM Study Series 25 (Stavanger 1995) 133-138.

Revisionist Lust: The Smithsonian Today
By Heather MacDonald, for the online journal, The New Criterion, 1997 
Describes the issues facing the venerable American museum, The Smithsonian, as it encounters The New Museology.

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1.3 Research Methods and Methodology

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1.4 Sources and Resources

See the Resources section of Mouseia for bibliographies, directories and links to organizations. 

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