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This section of Mouseia contains links to the organizations that support and regulate the work of museums around the world, with a focus on the English-speaking countries. 

1. International Organizations 

a. International Intergovernmental Organizations 
b. International Non-governmental Organizations
2. National Organizations 

By far the best listing of museums and organizations worldwide is the Virtual Library Museums Page maintained by Jonathan Bowen. 

1. International Organizations  

a. International Intergovernmental Organizations 

 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) 

  • World Heritage Centre: UNESCO Secretariat agency responsible for managing the implementation of the World Heritage Convention, 1972 
  • World Heritage Newsletter: News and Views about the World Heritage Convention and its operation and on World Heritage Sites etc. 
  • World Heritage Official Records: Searchable online collection of official records of World Heritage statutory meetings, the World Heritage List etc. 
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b.International Non-governmental Organizations  

Association of Youth Museums 

ALHFAM, Association for Living History Farms and Museums 

ASTC, Association of Science and Technology Centers 

BGCI, Botanic Gardens Conservation International 

CIMI. Consortium for the Computer Interchange of Museum Information 

ECSITE, European Collaborative for Science, Industry & Technology Exhibitions 

EMII European Museums' Information Institute (In progress.) Launched at the mda/CIDOC 99 conference the European Museums' Information Institute, or EMII, is a pan-European network encompassing 10 member states as active partners and a further 6 as supporting partners to encourage on-line access to the cultural heritage of Europe's museums . 

EMYA, European Museum of the Year Award  Searchable form. 

E-FAITH, European Federation of Associations of  Industrial and Technical Heritage 

HANDS-ON! Association of Children's Museums 

HEREIN, European Heritage Information Network  Article on. 

ICA, International Council on Archives  

ICOM, International Council of Museums 

ICOMOS, International Council on Monuments and Sites. Organization dedicated to the conservation of the world's historic monuments and sites. 

ICCROM, The International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property 

International Foundation for Cultural Property Protection 

International Museum Security 
"...Museum Services International is a non-profit organization which 
provides services in all areas of the planning and development of 
cultural institutions and museums - especially in the new area of 

ISAIC, International Society for the Advancement of Interpretive Communication 

SIBMAS. International Association of Libraries and Museums of the Performing Arts 

SPNHC, Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections  

VSA, Visitor Studies Association 

WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization 

ERICArts: European Research Institute for Contemporary Cultural Policy and the Arts  

Organisation of World Heritage Cities 

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2. National Organizations  

Argentina: Governmental  

Australia: Governmental   Austria: Governmental   Azerbaijan: Governmental   Belgium  Botswana: Governmental   Brasil: Governmental   Canada: Governmental   Canada: Non-Governmental   Chile: Governmental   Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast): Governmental   Croatia: Non-Governmental   Cuba: Governmental   Czech Republic: Governmental Czech Republic: Non-Governmental Denmark: Governmental   Estonia: Governmental   Finland: Governmental           Non-Governmental  France: Governmental   Georgia: Governmental   Germany: Governmental   Germany: Non-Governmental  
  • Webmuseen: Web site and links for German museums and related institutions (also includes some in other German-speaking countries and regions, including Austria and Switzerland) 
Greece: Governmental   Hungary: Governmental   Iceland: Governmental   Iran: Governmental   Ireland: Governmental   Israel: Governmental   Italy: Governmental   Japan: Governmental   Jordan: Governmental   Korea (Republic of): Governmental   Latvia: Governmental   Latvia: Non-Governmental   Lithuania: Governmental   Luxembourg: Governmental   Malta: Governmental   Mexico: Governmental   Netherlands: Governmental       Non-Governmental  New Zealand: Governmental   New Zealand: Non-Governmental   Norway: Governmental   Oman: Governmental   Poland: Governmental   Portugal: Governmental   Romania: Non-Governmental  
  • CIMEC Insitul de Memorie Culturala (Cultural Heritage Institute) 
Russian Federation: Non-Governmental   Singapore: Governmental   Slovakia: Governmental   Slovenia: Governmental   South Africa: Governmental       Non-Governmental  Spain: Governmental   Sweden: Governmental      Non-Governmental  Taiwan: Governmental   Turkey: Governmental   United Kingdom: Governmental   United Kingdon: Non-Governmental   United States of America: Governmental  

    Department of State - Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs: formerly United States Information Agency, the US government agency for overseas information and educational and cultural relations, including exchanges and training, international broadcasting and other media, regulations and laws  

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