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The following include both on-line and printed journals related to museology, museum studies.

AnthroNotes (Anthropology Outreach Office, Smithsonian Institution, Washington)

The Art Brief

Art News

The Art Newspaper

Arts Journal

Center for Museum Studies Bulletin (Washington)

Global Museum

inSite (Museums Australia)

Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies

Journal of Material Culture

Journal of MultiMedia History
A completely on-line journal exploring the potential of the digital universe as it applies to the study of history.

Muse- Canadian Museums Association

MuseologieOnline (VL Museen, Hagen)

Museum Aktuell

Museum International- Order Information

Museum Management and Curatorship- Order Information

Museum-Theory (Under Construction) (Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum, Hagen)

Nordic Museology- Some online

Rhizome An on-line publication for new thinking about communication and community through new media art.

SPNHC-The Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections.

ALFHAM Historic Clothing Committee News

Year Zero One Forum

Currently. Ontario Museums Association.Quarterly newsletter. Membership required

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