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...the online resource centre for museologists and museum professionals. Mouseia, a "festival of the Muses." Mouseia lends an online presence to the core of thinking that has defined museology as discipline and praxis, while utilizing all that the web can avail in engaging multimedia communication, and leading peer-review scholarly publication.  We are committed to diverse perspectives of museum ideas and practice, and global as well as local stories.


    While Mouseia is dedicated to providing a place for scholarly inquiry into developments in the field of museums studies and museology, the site is an opportunity for professionals, students and communities of cultural workers to connect with each other, to both utilize the legacy of museums, and work towards a future in which museums embody their public service roles, while using the articipatory power of the web and all the tools of multimedia.
The results are a research /resource centre ; a forum; and a publishing place for critical academic and professional discourse. The site contains bibliographies of museum literature, links to research resources and online materials like online journals , discussions and links to innovations in the field and integrates new, multimedia resources. Its purpose is the exchange of ideas, in order to create a location for scholarly community building among museologists, while utilizing the best  features for connecting via the web. Mouseia will provide opportunities for museum professionals, academics, and cultural workers to interact, discuss and develop concepts around heritage, culture, arts, science and the roles of museums as both symbols and stewards of expressions of human identity, memory and creativity.  Works includes:
Resource  Links, including  Organizations and  Directories  online
Research links, with  bibliographies,  papers, reports, etc.
Innovations , including best practices, new media museum work.
Career Development and virtual museums.

In addition, Mouseia will provide online peer-review publishing of academic and professional museum work, to include papers, texts, theses, bibliographies, essays, comments, examples of best practices, case studies, and so on, while using the full potential of multimedia environment of the web to include digital images, sound, video as well as text. 

Mouseia was first made available online in February 2000 following a first phase of work funded by the University of Toronto Provostial Information Technology Courseware Development Fund. Additional elements will be added as the project enters its second phase, so please bookmark the site and visit regularly. We hope that you will join in offering material or offer comments.

During the summer of 2001, we began the process of building our advisory board, editorial board and core editorial team for the purpose of building Mouseia into the next phase of development to include active multimedia based peer review publishing.

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If you are interested in discussing issues re: museology/museum studies or if you wish to highlight some research material, literature or projects, 
go to the Museology Forum,  
In this mode, you may leave messages for others and see theirs. 

Mouseia Phase I Project Team

Project Principal: 

Project Officers: 


       Heather George
       Patricia Grimshaw
       Nina Ladocha
       Melissa Zielke 


Project Associate: 
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