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Bibliographies for Museum Studies (Searchable)
By Professor J. Lynne Teather and others, 2000. Created with the assistance of Dr. David Barr.
Curriculum Guide For Museum Studies: The Framework for Reflective Museum Practice. Lynne Teather 1999.
A comprehensive bibliography of primarily print resources for all areas of museum history, theory and practice, in two forms.

 Searchable Version of the Bibliography
 HTML Version of the Bibliography

Museums and New Media Bibliography by Lynne Teather and Kelly Wilhelm

Cultural Pluralism and Museums  Lynne Teather and Kelly Wilhelm et al. A searchable database of resources related to the Museums and a Pluralism Society field of study. Also check out the resources on Arts in a Pluralist Society.


Current Museological Bibliography

Others also Available.

B-MUSE.Museology Bibliography. Canadian Heritage Information Network.(CHIN) By subscription.
Represents holdings from many international sources, including the UNESCO-ICOM Museum Information Centre, the Library of the Canadian Conservation Institute and the Library of the direction des Musees de France. Includes 25,000 journals, articles, books and reports published from 1900.

Other Reference Resources from CHIN
Curatorial and Historical Index of Publications
Heritage Law Bibliography
Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Artists in Canada
Atlantic Canada Newspaper Survey
Sponsored Research in the History of Art
 For subscription Information.

Nordisk Museologi (Nordic Museology Bibliography)
Useful bibliographic information on the WWW relating to Museology

Bibliography on Ecomuseums. John Age Gestrum (Nordic Museology site.)

Department of Art Policy and Management, City University, London.
This site has a wealth of material including bibliograpies, directories, links and is particularly strong with regard to arts, culture, heritage and museum policies. Prepared by Prof. Patrick Boyaln.
Specific items are listed below.

Bibliographies. Reinwardt Academy.
Prepared by Prof. Peter Van Mensch.
Excellent list of bibliographical material by this Amsterdam museum studies location.

Special Topics:

Selected Bibliographic Resources for Developing Museology Curricula
The Centre for Museums Studies, Smithsonian Institute
References for publications and people that specialize in museology curriculum development.

Ecomuseology sociale: bilbliographie internationale/ Ecomuseology and Social Museology: International Bibliography pdf downloadable file. Collected references to New Museology and Ecomuseology literature .

Conservation Information Network.
BCIN. Conservation Information Network. References to publications re: conservation.
Materials Database (MCIN)
Suppliers Database (ACIN)
Subscription Information.

Bibliograhies and Resources on Conservation Topics
Maintained by the Preservation Department of Stanford University Libraries.

Cultural Pluralism and the Arts: Selected Bibliography of Readings
Co-operative Programme in Arts Management, University of Toronto at Scarborough
A searchable database of resources related to cultural pluralism and the arts field of study.

Cultural Performance Measures: An Annotated Bibliography
A collaborative project of the Schulich School of Business, York University, and the Co-operative Programme in Arts Management, University of Toronto at Scarborough, 1999
An annotated searchable database of resources related to performance measurement in the cultural sector.

Selected Bibliography on Physical Heritage and Development
Patrick Boylan, City University, London,1997
A bibliography on international heritage development.

Bibliography: Museology and Forecasting
Peter van Mensch, The Reinwardt Academie
References pertaining to the future of museology and the museum field.

Curiosity Cabinets Bibliography
Microcosms, Humanities Research Institute, University of California, Irvine, January 1999

Bibliographie zum einsatz des computers bei Sammlungsmanagement und dokumentation. Staatliche Museen zu berlin. Institute fur Museumskunde Berlin, 1997. Anne Claudel. Materialien aus dem Institut für Museumskunde Nr. 49

Bibliogrphie zu Museologie, Museumspedagogik, Museumsdidactik, und Besucherforschung. 1993

Museum Management Bibliography. National Parks Service
A bibliographic list of management literature for museums and parks etc.  American National Parks Service.

History and Public Places: A Selected Bibliography.
Prepared by Dwight T. Pitcaithley
Chief Historian of the National Park Service

Museumsrecht, Kulturgutschutz, Denkmalschutz (Museum Law Library)
VL Museen/ICOM, January 2000
A collection of resources pertaining to museums and law, available in German and English.

Bibliography: Ethics in Museums
Peter van Mensch, The Reinwardt Academie
A comprehensive bibliography on museum ethics.

SECURMA. the Museum Security Network.
Selected Bibliography on Art Theft. Copyright Getty Museum
A Brief Bibliography on Disasters. by Walter Henry.
Short bibliography of Publications about Forgery of Art
Literature on Art Theft
Archaeology, Antiquities, Theft, and Looting by Jonathan Sazonoff, includes bibliographic links.

Cyburbia (Internet Resources for the Built Environment)

Selected Bibliography of Ecomuseums
John Aage Gjestrum, Nordisk Museologi, 1996
International bibliography relating to ecomuseology.

Ethics in Museology: Native/First Peoples
Peter van Mensch, The Reinwardt Academie
Bibliography on museums and native/first peoples.

Bibliography: Documenting contemporary culture by collecting
Peter van Mensch, The Reinwardt Academie
Bibliography on "documenting the present."

Tourism Bibliography. ICOM  Canada

Clearinghouse Preservation Internet Resources.
Extensive connections to multiple listservs,site, etc.

Maritime Aspects of Cultural Resource Management
National Council on Public History
Bibliography about preservation and interpretation of underwater sites and artefacts.

Automated Catalogue System
National Parks Service Museum Management Program, U.S. National Parks Service, January 1999
Resources pertaining to documentation, preservation and use of collections in the National Parks Service museums.<

The "Looting Question" Bibliography
Hugh Jarvis, University of Buffalo, January 2000
A bibliographic resource that also offers links to on-line articles relevant to the topic of looting.

The Enola Gay Controversy Chronology
Professor, Edward J Gallagher, University of Lehigh
This site is designed to be used as an educational module for a University of Lehigh English course.  It provies an exhaustive bibliographic resource regarding the Smithsonian's Enola Gay exhibit and preceeding / succeeding controversy.  It poses important questions relating to New Museology.

Some Readings about Museum Learning
Australian Museums On-Line, 1999
A bibliography about museum learning theory.

Howard Gardner: Principal Publications
Harvard Project Zero, Harvard College, 1999
Bibliography of Gardner´s work on education and multiple intelligences.

Selected Readings on Living History Interpretation
Stacey Roth, ALHFAM

ALFHAM Museum Education Bibliography
Association for Living History
Bibliographic references for living history education.

Index to the Proceedings of ALHFAM Annual Conferences
Association for Living History, Farms and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM)
A list with descriptions of the ALHFAM conference sessions.

Museum Management Bibliography
National Parks Service Museum Management Program, U.S. National Parks Service (NPS)
A 5 part bibliography that includes general museum management, guidance and history, articles on museum management, special media on museum management, publications produced using the National Parks Service museum collections, reproductions and souvenirs that make use of NPS museum collections.

So You Want to Start A Living History Farm or Museum?
Association for Living History, Farms and Agricultural Museums (ALHFAM)

A Bibliography of Canadian Cultural Management and Policy
Jill Humphries and D. Paul Schafer, Centre for Cultural Management, University of Waterloo, 1997
An searchable bibliography of Canadian resources, both published and "semi-public" resources, with introduction.

Selected Bibliography: Museum Architecture
From City College of New York, includes books on general museum architecture, construction and design. Also includes some listings for individual institutions.

Illicit Traffic Bibliography
Bibliography on cultural property issues, UNESCO, looting, trade, etc.

Deaccessioning and Disposal of Museum Collections
A good deal of information on deaccessioning, disposal and other legal issues, predominantly from journals.

Bibliography: DEA 470 Museum Software Usability Project '98

Selected Bibliography on Art Theft
Copyright Getty Museum. Very extensive. Information on theft, collection and cultural property, it also includes some collections management material and conservation.

Native American Repatriation & Reburial
Compiled by Barb Bocek, Stanford Archaeologist. Offered as a Green Library General Reference Department Guide, 1992.

Capture Your Collections
A collaboration of CHIN and Australian Museums and Galleries Online regarding digitization.

Selected Bibliography/General & Museum Catalog
Art and cultural theory

Museums Building Community: Bibliography (1970-2000)
Compiled for the 2001 International Museum Say, focusing on museums and the community.

Art or Museum Bibliography
Collection management for art collections.

Museum Studies Selected Bibliography

Museums and Exhibition
A bibliography for Maritime museums from around the world.

Social Fabric: Bibliography
A bibliography for an anthropological look at textiles, particularly those from West Africa

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