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Women and Cultural Policies by Danielle Cliche, Ritva Mitchell, Andreas Joh. Wiesand, European Research Institute for Comparative Cultural Policy and the Arts
Preparatory Paper. The Power of Culture. Intergovernmental Conference on Cultural Policies for Development. 

Museums and Cultural Diversity: Draft ICOM Policy Statement 
ICOM Working Group on Cross-Cultural Issues, City University, London UK Web site, 1997 
A summary of the research and findings being developed into a proposal for future ICOM policies on cultural diversity. 


United Kingdom 


DCMS (Link to the UK’s Department of Culture, Media and Sports) 

A number of very useful reports that can only be accessed from the main page. Go to Forms and documents section, or to museums and galleries section or to search. They are available either online or in Adobe crobat. 


Examples are: 


Centers for Social Change: Museums, Galleries and Archives for All   

Policy guidance on Social inclusion for DCMS funded and local authority museums, galleries and archives in England 

Available online in Adobe Acrobat(from  the.PDF) format.   


Promoting social inclusion through archives   

Government Policy on Archives Action Plan: consultation period begins   

You can download the full text from the PRO website ( Comments can be emailed to the PRO(   


The Learning Power of Museums - A Vision for Museum Education   

Adobe Reader, 

Can only open it from Forms and Documents Section,reached through main page.   


Comprehensive and Efficient - Standards for Modern Public Libraries. A consultation paper 

This document is now available online in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format.   

A Review of Research Priorities and Practice for the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLAC).  Report by Professor John Shepherd, South East Regional Research Laboratory (SERRL), Birkbeck College, University of London. November, 1999 (18kb) 

Museums for the Many 
Standards for museums and galleries to use when developing access policies available on line with Adobe reader.     

A Common Wealth Museums in the Learning Age 
By David Anderson, The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (UK) 
A document designed to guide museums through progressive new thinking and approaches to learning in museums in the United Kingdom. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.   



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