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Message from the Director....
MMPA Accreditation Plans for the new CPA Professional Education Program

The MMPA Program provides a very time-effective, enriched gateway to professional accounting, particularly for students from non-business and accounting undergrad programs, and expects to continue to do so in the future. The Program has enjoyed accreditation from all major Canadian professional accounting bodies, and similar accredited status will be sought in the late winter of 2014 from the Canadian CPA profession. Specifically, the Program intends to seek accreditation so that MMPA graduates will be able to proceed directly to the Capstone 2 module of the new CPA Professional Education Program. Approval should mean that MMPA graduates will be eligible to write their Common Final Exam (CFE) immediately after completing Capstone 2, which is to be a very short preparation/practice module for the CFE, offered by the Canadian CPA Profession. Additional information related to MMPA accreditation plans will be published on the MMPA website when it becomes available.

Information on the new CPA Professional Education Program can be found at A helpful diagram identifying the program modules, including Capstone 1 and 2, appears on page 4 of the downloadable document.

MMPA Graduate Makes National Honour Roll for Chartered Professional Accountants
The Master of Management & Professional Accounting (MMPA) program is pleased to announce that MMPA 2013 graduate and Chartered Professional Accounting Student, Kylyn Athey has placed on the Honour Roll on this year’s Canada-wide CA/CPA Uniform Evaluation (UFE).

According to Ms. Athey: “Writing the UFE was probably the most stressful ...[More]
$10,000 MMPA Admission Scholarship Winners

The MMPA Program takes great pride in announcing the 5 winners of the $10,000 Admission Scholarship for domestic students from the class of MMPA 2015. These scholarships are available in addition to the Program’s Entrance Scholarships of $3,000 or $5,000.

Our outstanding winners have written short stories about how each made her or his choice to join the MMPA Program, and how they have enjoyed their experience in the Program to date. From these stories, prospective domestic applicants for 2014 admission will get a very informative look at the decision they face, and the experience the MMPA offers. [More]

MMPA Investment Club Stock Pitch Competition
MMPA Investment Club Members
Throughout the month of October, MMPA students competed in the Investment Challenge hosted by the MMPA Investment Club. On November 18, 2013, five finalists participated in the Stock Pitch Competition and presented a 5-minute buy-recommendation on a ... see complete article
MMPA International Accounting and Globalization Conference
On Friday November 15th, 2013, the MMPA program hosted its annual Conference at Credit Valley Golf Club. This year’s topic of International Accounting and Globalization was addressed by four distinguished speakers: Professor Ranjani Krishnan, Professor A. Rashad Abdel-Khalik, Professor Francesco Bova and Ms. Linda Mezon. Students had an opportunity to learn about ...see complete article
MMPA Convocation 2013
On November 12th, 77 students graduated from the MMPA Program at the University’s historic Convocation Hall. The reception that followed at Hart House provided....see complete article
The Amazing Race - A Terrific Team Challenge

Spirits were high as MMPA 2015 anxiously waited to begin The Amazing Race challenge run by Edyta Pacuk, president of MarchFifteen. The Amazing Race is an annual event; it is a fun and challenging competition to enhance a sense of team and promote a higher degree of trust and collaboration between members of the MMPA program. Students are challenged to work as a team to.... See complete article
Roz Usheroff: Self- Branding: Key to Climbing the Ladder to Success

On September 16, Roz Usheroff taught MMPA 2015 valuable strategies for creating and promoting their “personal brand”. According to Roz, making a positive first impression is as important as making a positive lasting impression. Valuable tools on how to project a professional presence, branding oneself, and physical presence were discussed.
Since the early '90's, Roz Usheroff has been one of the most sought-after Leadership, Image and Branding Specialists, working internationally with leaders of Fortune 500 companies, executives, managers, sales team and entrepreneurs. Roz has been advising the MMPA students about strategies and insights necessary to understand the dynamics and subtleties of professional communication; and how to make a lasting impact in the marketplace, the art of leadership, and business protocol for over 10 years. Students look forward to her session and ....See complete article.

Blackberry Chair, Barbara Stymiest, speaks to MMPA students

MMPA Class of 2015 had the privilege of listening to guest speaker, Barbara Stymiest, Chair of the Board at Blackberry, on July 8th, 2013.

Barbara provided some valuable insight into Blackberry's corporate strategy, a fascinating and timely topic that students were discussing in their Advanced Strategic Management course. Barbra outlined Blackberry's plan for the future which is to focus on the software rather than the hardware, which will improve operational performance, a different path that other competitors are taking. Blackberry's vision is to move towards an operating system based on standards, which will have less lines of code, compared to the closed system of the Apple iPhone, or the open system of the Android phones.

Barbara provided some valuable insight into Blackberry’s corporate strategy, a fascinating and timely topic that students were discussing in their Advanced Strategic Management course. Barbra outlined Blackberry’s plan for the future which is to focus on the software rather than the hardware, which will improve operational performance, a different path that other competitors are taking. Blackberry’s vision is to move towards an operating system based on standards, which will have less lines of code, compared to the closed system of the Apple iPhone, or the open system of the Android phones.

During the past year, RIM, now Blackberry, has been reinventing itself working on corporate strategy and considering where the future will be in the cellular device field. Barbra discussed some of the business challenges Blackberry has been faced with and the strategies they have come up with in order to understand industry trends, and develop a clear corporate vision.

Barbara was very optimistic in Blackberry’s intention to deliver innovation, while pursuing growth and increasing market profitability for its shareholders and customers.

Blackberry under chair Barbara Stymiest has evaluated its performance in internal and external environments and will continue to take major initiatives to clearly define the company’s mission, vision and objectives, and to ensure stakeholder expectations are met.

Distinguished Speaker - Ali Spinner - 12 June 2013
Announcement from the Director regarding Applications...

As announced earlier, we have experienced a significant increase in applications and wish to thank all who applied.

Based on offers accepted and deposits received to date, after we interview all persons now contacted for interviews next week, we expect to have filled our 27- and 24-month class fully. Accordingly, if you have not now received a request for interview, there is very little prospect that will occur.

If you have applied for the 16-month program, we will be sending out our last requests for interview by Wednesday March 6.

Again, thank you for applying for the MMPA Program.

Announcement from the Director...

“Due to a very significant increase in the number of applications received, we have suspended our first-come, first-served review process to allow us to review all applications received up to the deadline of January 31. We will advise applicants of their file status and admission decision by the end of February. All application files must be complete by February 15 to be considered.”

See Revised Process FAQs

Alexandra Spinner - MMPA Class 2002 - Crowe Soberman's Newest Partner
See Crowe Soberman's Press Release

Congratulations, Ali!!
MMPA Summer Term Start Dates Finalized

MMPA Class 2015 will begin with an Orientation on the following dates:

           21 May 2013 – International Student Orientation
           22-23 May 2013 – General Orientation

As usual, 24 month stream students are strongly encouraged to attend, if at all possible.

Classes for the 27 month stream students start on May 27th.

Classes for MMPA Class 2014, including the 16 month stream, will begin on 02 May 2013.

Significant New MMPA Admission Scholarships

A minimum of five admission scholarships in the amount of $10,000 each have been made available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents applying to enter the MMPA program in 2013. They will be awarded based on academic merit, and may be held in conjunction with the existing MMPA Entrance Scholarships thus raising the potential monies to be awarded in $15,000 per qualified applicant.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria:

    • Canadian citizens or permanent residents;
    • Final Undergraduate Year GPA - Equal to or greater than A-
    • GMAT Total Score - Equal to or greater than 700

For further information, please contact Bianca Gaspini at 905-569-4318

MMPA Annual Conference
On November 16th, the 2012 MMPA Conference was held at the Credit Valley Golf Club to address The Future of the Accounting Profession. The Classes of 2013 and 2014 and members of the faculty were joined....>>> Complete Story
MMPA Successful UFE Writers and CA Honour Roll

Congratulations to all sixty of our MMPA graduates who successfully completed the 2012 Chartered Accountancy exams!

We are especially pleased for Rachel Rui Xue (MMPA 2012) who earned a place on the CA Honour roll for top candidates from across Canada.

This is wonderful news and a testament to the excellent talent that the MMPA Program attracts into the accounting profession.

MMPA Investment Club Enjoyed a Busy Fall Semester

The MMPA Investment Club enjoyed a busy autumn semester with several club meetings with a focus on the impact of macro-economic policies on global capital markets, the relationship between risk & return in portfolio composition and the basics of fundamental/value/technical equity analysis. In mid-October, the Club launched the MMPA Investment Challenge where participants were given a practice portfolio of $1 Million to serve as an educational tool in portfolio management and illustrate relative market performance on a real-time platform.

One of the highlights of the term was the Bloomberg LP office visit in late November for comprehensive training on equities screening, investment strategy back-testing, and building a functional interface between Microsoft Excel & the Bloomberg terminal. Afterwards, the Club visited the offices of Canacoord Genuity to meet with Gisbert Segler and Michael Greaves (MMPA alumni, Class of 2009). Gisbert outlined various bond trading techniques and the impact that the financial crisis had on the fixed-income marketplace. Michael, an Associate Investment Banker, provided a candid perspective on the role of financial modelling, the importance of work-life balance, and career advice to those interested in pursuing the investment banking field.

The MMPA Investment Club will resume club meetings at the beginning of the Summer session with an election of the new club executive and the 2013 program of events.

Two More Alumni Join the Ranks of the CMAs...

Certified Management Accountants of Ontario
(CMA Ontario)
announced this year’s new CMAs!

Please join us in congratulating two MMPA alumni

Ryan Wetherly (Class 2008)
Peter Guangming Liu (Class 2011)

Congratulations to our 23rd Graduating Class...

MMPA Class 2012
Convocation Announcement
The Globe&Mail and Financial Post

Convocation Webcast
U of T - School of Graduate Studies
13 Feb 2012 - 10:00AM
MMPA begins at about the 34 min point
Stephen Eddy - MMPA Class 2000 - Named VP Sales & Marketing
See article in the Globe & Mail - 23 Oct 2012
Alumnus Returns as Distinguished Speaker

Sear Canada
Directors Circular

Why did you choose the University of Toronto's MMPA program...
Maureen Palmer (MMPA Class 2009) recently joined the MasterCard Foundation as a senior financial analyst after launching after launching her career as an accountant at Ernst Young.

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