Dynamics of Global Change Doctoral Program

How Do I Apply?

***Please note the DGC program is no longer accepting applications. The program is set to close next year.


Applicants to the DGC program MUST apply through one of the collaborating home departments. The DGC program is not a standalone doctoral program. Students must be admitted to a doctoral program in a participating collaborative home department in order to take the DGC program.

If you are a current PhD student at U of T please contact the DGC administrator at mga@utoronto.ca

Students Not Yet Enrolled at U of T:

New students applying for doctoral programs in one of the participating units will submit a full application to the home department or unit.  Application to the collaborative program will comprise:

A covering letter to the Director of the Dynamics of Global Change program;
A copy of either the statement of interest submitted to the home department or a distinct statement of interest prepared specifically for the collaborative program. Please send this to mga@utoronto.ca mga@utoronto.ca

Other materials in the full application sent to the home department will be consulted by the collaborative program director where necessary.

Admission to the collaborative program will depend on the applicant’s intention to produce a dissertation on questions related to global change, her/his academic record, and the availability of appropriate supervisory faculty.  Admission will be determined by the program director, in consultation with members of the program committee.

Applications through the following home departments are now available. Please check with the department for their specific requirements.


Political Science

Computer Science

Institute of Medical Science






Adult Education

Education Administration & Theory Policy Studies Education-

Chemical Engineering-

Students already enrolled in a doctoral program (in one of the DGC participating units) at U of T:

Students currently enrolled in a PhD program in one of the program’s participating units will be able to apply for entry into the collaborative program.

Applications for in-course students will comprise:

A covering letter that specifies the home program, year in that program, and membership of the dissertation committee (if established);
A statement of research interest;
A copy of academic records to date, including courses being taken this year.

Admission of students currently enrolled in PhD programs will follow the same schedule as above and will depend on the same criteria.

Contact Info

Applications to the collaborative program and other correspondence related to it should be addressed to:

Megan Ball

Program Administrator, Dynamics of Global Change

Munk School of Global Affairs

1 Devonshire Palce, Room 255S

University of Toronto

t. 416.946.8917