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+ Ca 2+ ATPase
+ Phospholamban, Sarcolipin
+ Brody Disease
+ Cardiomyopathy
+ Ca2+ Release Channel
+ Ca2+ Binding Proteins

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2.7 27Dec1999 jul: Updated gordon.htm again.
2.6 25Jun1999 jul: Updated gordon.htm
2.5 09Apr1998 jul: Tweaked links on links.htm. Fixed //\n--> bug in index.htm.  Preload performance is acceptable.
2.4 08Apr1998 jul: More problems with IE3.0:  back to using if(document.images).  Very slow response with Netscape and www.siteflow.com.  Recoded counter for no display.  Retry site-wide preload().
2.3 26Mar1998 jul: Back to using document.images[rxx]. Removed counter because of slow response, but use javascript to trip stie tracker at www.siteflow.com  Added mailto URL to site maintainer for bug reports.
2.2 06Mar1998 jul: Made Javascript compatible with IE3.0 by using document.rxx instead of document.images[rxx].  Fixed rollover bugs in rint#.htm, idxauth.htm and idxdate.htm. A few more links in links.htm. Disabled preload to "improve" responsiveness.
2.1 16Feb1998 jul: Rebuilt animated button GIFS to 8/16 colour palette to improve speed.  Added more Top of Page anchors and navigators in director.htm, history.htm, links.htm, members.htm, publicns.htm, research.htm, training.htm. Changed Review to Top of Page in rint#.htm  Fixed width/height for dhm201.jpg in director.htm. Removed width/height from counter image.
2.x 05Feb1998 jul: Added new citations. Fixed #TOP in alumni.htm.  Added 164 "  " to force wrap alignment of text panel table cell in publicns.htm, alumni.htm, gordon.htm, and links.htm. Added maa01.jpg picture for Mona Abu-Abed. Preload maclab0.gif instead of maclab1.gif.  Alphabetic anchors in idxauth.htm.  New dhm201.jpg in director.htm. Go live.
2.x 03Feb1998 jul: Fixed navigator panel rollovers in rint#.htm.  Reformatted bottom <HR> in rint#.htm. Rebuilt animated button GIFs to 16 colour palette. Added bullet6 and bullet 7 (up and down arrows) for rint#.htm.  Updated the citation list, still needs UID for Medline.  Added links.htm as a useful jump page for search engines.
2.x 31Jan1998 jul: Split text panel in rint[1-7].htm to allow extra navigation panel next to publications.
2.x 30Jan1998 jul: More revisions to content from DHM: order of alumni, gordon.htm, sarcolipin text. More links added to director.htm, alumni.htm, history.htm. Shorter width membs0.gif in preparation for links.htm. preload button images in init(). Fixed navigator width in members.htm using TD WIDTH=120 and TABLE WIDTH=120. Fixed eyelids in dhm101.jpg -> dhm103.jpg.  Upload test.
2.x 28Jan1998 jul: Recoded animated buttons (again!) for Netscape 3 compatibility using IMG NAME= instead of imgnum. Tweaked siteflow counter JAVA for Netscape 3 as a BODY onload() function. Moved JAVA SCRIPT to HEAD. Uploaded to http://www.utoronto.ca/maclennan/test
2.x 27Jan1998 jul: Recoded animated buttons, BODY BGCOLOR, avoid TABLE HEIGHT, for Netscape 4 compatibility. Note:  watch spacer.gif when counting imgnum. 8+3 filenames for Macintosh compatibility. Hit counter from www.siteflow.com has statistics.
2.x 29Jan1998 jul: Frameless version with side navigation column. File naming convention is now all lowercase.  Citations link directly to Pubmed. IE compatible rollover Java animated buttons. Reorganized navigator links. Lab Members and Alumni table rows rearranged.  Alumni has one big table to align the columns.  Vertical rule using BGCOLOR in table columns, using spacer.gif and WIDTH setting. Added a revision history page.  Note: main text panel needs at least one line of wrapped text to force correct table column alignment. Serca and MUSC animation added.
1.1 12July1997 jul: New lab members.  Added Gordon conferences page. Some internet links.  Free hit counter from www.atwill.com (but has no statistics)
1.0 04May1997 jul: Frames version, using a single page to link each published citation.  Navigation bar.  No CGI allowed.

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