Turing is a structured programming language, which is easy to learn and best suited for teaching computer concepts. The annual licence package includes Turing for PC, Macintosh, UNIX, and Object Oriented Turing for PC, Macintosh, and UNIX.

Vendor: Holt Software Associates Inc.

Version: Varies according to platform.

Platform: DOS, Macintosh, RS6000, SGI, SUN, Windows

Restrictions: Departments, faculty, staff, students.

Cost: Server: $400.00 annual fee; Individual Copy: $40-60 annual fee.

Licence Period: Annual fee, renewable May 1.

Documentation: Available from vendor (see vendor information below).

Hardware Requirements: Varies according to platform.

Distribution: Available by appointment only from the UTC/LCT Software Distribution Office, 978-2223.

Support: Available from vendor if yearly fee has been paid (see vendor information below)

Vendor: Holt Software Associates Inc. Suite 305, 203 College Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1P9, Phone: (416) 978-6476, Fax: (416) 978-1509.

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