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Kierkegaard at Year Two Hundred
The Challenge of the Single Individual in the Present Age

A Special Issue of The European Legacy
Edited by Mark Cauchi and Avron Kulak

For this special issue of The European Legacy we invite contributions on a wide range of issues that examine the implications of Kierkegaard’s thought for debates, issues, and questions that are central to the challenge of the single individual in the present age. 


  • Proposals of one single-spaced page in length should be submitted either to Mark Cauchi ( or to Avron Kulak ( by January 1, 2012. 
  • Authors will be informed about the status of their proposals by March 1, 2012.
  • Final drafts of essays – 6000 words in length, not including footnotes – will be due on September 1, 2012.
  • Suggestions for revisions will be made, where necessary, by November 30, 2012.
  • Final revised essays will be expected within two months of authors having received suggestions for revisions.



Acta Kierkegaardiana Series

Call for Vol 1V ( 2012) at

For inquiry, submission, or book order direct to either Kierkegaard Society in Slovakia ( or the Kierkegaard Circle (;November 2008.

Sřren Kierkegaard – Theologist, Philosopher, Thinker

International Conference on Kierkegaard

Constantine the Philosopher University

Nitra, Slovakia

February 23, 2007

Conference pictures

An international scientific conference on Kierkegaard was held in connection with the founding of Kiekegaard Collection in Slovakia library. The papers presented will be published in the collection that is to be the first of a ten-part Acta Kierkegaard Edition .

The Department of General and Applied Ethics of Faculty of Arts, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra made use of the initiative of ThDr. Roman Králik, ThD. In th summer of 2004, Kralik was on a summer fellowship at the Howard and Edna Hong Kierkegaard Library, Northfiled, USA. During that time he conceived the project of Acta Kierkegaardiana.

Professor Cyril Diatka had become interested in the activities of Roman Králik in Šala and his book called The Fight of S ř rena Kierkegaard . He then suggested to Dr. Kralik to hold an International Conference at the Department of General and Applied Ethics, Faculty of Arts, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. After three months of planning, Kralik succeeed in holding such a conference, treating Kierkegaard as one of the most important representatives of modern philosophy. The university auditorium was the venue for this conference organized by Prof. Dr. Cyril Diatka, CSc. and Dr. Roman Králik, Th.D. (Kierkegaard Society in Slovakia), and accomplished under the patronage of Rector of Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra Prof. RNDr. Libor Vozár, CSc. , Prof. PaedDr. Zdenka Gadušová, CSc. – Dean of Faculty of Arts, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra, and His Excellency Danish Ambassador in Slovakia –Jřrgen Munk Rasmussen. Scientific guarantees of conference were : Prof. PaedDr. Zdenka Gadušová, CSc., Prof. PhDr. Eva Malá, CSc, to name a few.

Papers presented exceeded the previous exceeded the number at an earlier conference. For this time 36 papers by authors from 10 countries were presented. They included, for example, M. M. Thulstrupová (Denmark), who contributed by the translation of one part of Kierkegaard's original text. Others included A. Khan (Canada), C. S. Evans (USA), J. Stenseth (USA), R. G. Pavon (Mexico), Elisabete Sousa (Portugal), C. E. Dobre (Romania), E. Lubanska a M. Jozek (Poland), L. Llevadot Pascual (Spain), J. Krivohlavý, J. Liguš a N. Bravena (Czech Rep.), L. J. Veverka, D. Ondrejovic, K. Nandrásky, D. Hajko, C. Diatka, L. Fazekaš, A. Demúth, P. Šajda, J. Jurová, P. Korený, Š. Rácz, M. Papp, A. Michalík, D. Roman, M. Cibik, L. Rákayová, M. Zumrík, J. Kotrusová, M. Klobušická, P. Kondrla, R. Králik, Tatiana Skodova, Milan Petkanic  (Slovakia).

The papers are to appear in one of two publications from the Faculty of Arts, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra One of the proposed publication is Purity of Heart: Acta Kierkegaardiana , vol. 1. edited by. C. Diatka and R. Králik. It will start of the Acta series. Another publication is Lonely Rave: Inspirations by S ř ren Kierkegaard, edited by C. Diatka and R. Králik.

The International Kierkegaard Conference project is the first contribution to a 10-part study called Acta Kierkegaardiana , whose aim is to acquaint the Slovak and Czech readers with the thinking of S ř ren Kierkegaard. Its originator Roman Králik has been inspired by the Danish volume of Bibliotheca Kierkegaardiana and will do his best to tie up to this amazing edition.

The event was also a kind of memorial of three important personalities who cardinally influenced the theology and philosophy of the 20 th century and contributed to the spreading of Kierkegaard`s thoughts and ideas: Prof. Dr. Jaroslav Pelikán; Prof. Dr. Jan Milic Lochman; and Dr. Julia Watkin. Roman Králik was in a written communication with them, and, if they were still alive, they would definitely participate in the project called Acta Kierkegaardiana .

Professor Khan (Trinity College, University of Toronto) visited the Kierkegaard Collection in Šala, was interviewed about the conference on the regional TV, and spoke also activity on Kierkegaard in Slovakia for state-wide broadcasting TA3 TV.


The aim of conference is to profile the message of S. Kierkegaard for contemporary man. Sřren Kierkagaard, also called Socrates of Copenhagen, is the author of a series of books in whcih he presented his reflections on what it means to exist in a concretely and authentically human way. His ideas about existing as an individual were not readily understood in his times because he penetrated the deep layer of the inner life – spirit and emotions- which had not been fully charted. In order to hide his real demand for genuineness and sensitive perceptiveness, he often seemed to be an extravagant man, a way of life that outraged many of his contemporaries. But in fact he was very intelligent, sensitive in his perception and presentation of human existence. He presented to his readers a variety of life styles hoping that one of them would appeal his reader who then choose, He made choice quite prominent to his reflections and spoke about the categories of good and evil as becoming existentially significant through exercise of choice of the self. Thanks to him the demand for substantial thinking came into the context of European thinking tradition. He claims that substantial thinking as such is cognition which is related to existence. Existence in Kierkegaard's point of view has nothing in common with the outer providing of life via job, wage, food, housing etc. Existence is the most inner, personal core of every particular man, it is his uniqueness.

Roman Kralik

Sala, Slovakia


Roman Kralik, Sřren Aabye Kierkegaard:Faith and Theology

Doctoral thesis, defened at Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University, Prague, on February 13, 2006 .Advisor: Professor Zdeneck Kucera. For abstract see under menu item Session Synopsis for this site.



Ethics and Existentialism Conference at Constantine the Philosopher University, Nitre , Slovakia, September 23-24, 2010.

ISSEI conference in Ankara, Turkey, August 2- 6, 2010.  (ISSEI is the International Society for the Study of European Ideas.)  The title of the conference is “Thought in Science and Fiction.” Paper call for the workshop“Biblical Text and Secular Thought: Hermeneutics Beyond the Reason-Faith Dichotomy.” Send proposal of 300-350 words to workshop chair Chris Irwin at before March 15, 2010. For more details on conference see .

Kierkegaard's Upbuilding Discourses—Call for Papers (2010, 21011, 2012 conferences)

From 16-18 th April 2010 the Oxford Centre for Theology and Modern European Thought will be hosting a conference on Kierkegaard's Upbuilding Discourses. Speakers will include Christopher Barnett, Iben Damgaard, Arne Grřn, Helle Mřller Jensen, George Pattison, Jolita Pons, David Possen, Hugh Pyper, Joel Rasmussen, Steven Shakespeare, and Claudia Welz.

This will be the first of three conferences on the discourses and will focus on the 18 Upbuilding Discourses of 1843-4 and the Three Discourses on Imagined Occasions . Further conferences will consider the 1847 discourses (Ĺrhus 2011) and the last discourses (Copenhagen 2012).

There will also be opportunities for presentations of shorter papers and those wishing to offer a paper should contact George Pattison at the earliest opportunity.

Bed and breakfast accommodation can be arranged at Pembroke College at Ł69 per night per person. Sessions will be in Christ Church , where lunch and dinner will also be available with pre-booking. Full domestic details will be published as soon as they are available. A conference fee of Ł50 will be payable to help cover costs.


Soren Kierkegaard Society (USA) is meeting the evening before the American Academy of Religion annual meeting in Montreal, Canada, November 8-10, 2009. The Society is having its annual dinner at the McGill University Faculty Club on McTavish Street, Montreal, on November 7 at 7:00 pm, getting together for cocktails at 6:30 pm. Hans Moller will say something about the Kierkegaard Malantuschuk Collection, and on the Monday afternoon (3-5) will give a tour of the collection located in McLennan Library at McGill..

World Congress of Philosophy, Seoul, July 31- August 6, 2008. Roundtable session on "Kierkegaard as a Resource for Comparative Philosophy" Convenor: Abrahim H. Khan. A second session has been requested and can accomodate one or two more presentations. Please submit proposals, title and abstract, to by January 31, 2008. Google Congress website for more information.

International Society for the Study of European Ideas .

July 28- August 2, 2008, at University of Helsinki, Finland

Avron Kulak invites papers for a workshop session on “Science within the Limits of Values Alone,” reflecting upon the relationship of nature, science, and human values in light of Nietzsche and Kant's argument that knowledge of nature presupposes morality.

Deadline: February 17, 2008. Submit 300-350 word abstract to

Learned Congress meetings, Canada
In May-June 2006, the Congress is meeting at
York University, Toronto, ONT

Paper on Kierkegaard by E.Jegstrup is being presented at Existential & Phenomenological Theory & Culture (EPTC) Society meeting

Learned Congress meetings, Canada
 In May-June 2005, the Congress is meeting at
 University of Western Ontario, London, ONT

Call for papers:  EPTC, Derrida, Lefort.

(1) Existential & Phenomenological Theory & Culture (EPTC):


(2) Mourning Derrida:


(3) Claude Lefort and the Nature of the Political:


EPTC website

5th International Kierkegaard Conference, June 11-15, 2005
Contact : Director, Gordon Marino

Kierkegaard Library
St. Olaf College

1510 St. Olaf Avenue,

Northfield, MN 55057


As some of you know, we received word yesterday of the death of Edna Hong at her home here in Northfield.- April 3, 2007. Please see the attached obituary which was written at Howard's request by a family friend in remembrance of Edna's life. There is also an obituary on the St. Olaf College website. Please feel free to circulate this obituary further to whomever you think should receive it. There will be a graveside service Thursday, April 5, [2007] "up north" in Hovland, Minnesota at 2 PM followed on Saturday, April 7, by a memorial service at 2 PM at St. John's Lutheran Church in Northfield, Minnesota. Thank you for sharing this news which was not unexpected but which is still sadness for all of us who knew Edna. Cynthia Lund

The Kierkegaard Circle notes the passing of the scholar Julia Watkin,  in January, 2005.
Acquaintance, friend , and colleague of many, she was the editor of the well-known
and full-of- information Kierkegaard Newsletter. Julia, spoke in 1986 at
an International Kierkegaard meeting held in the Combination Room at Trinity College.

Martin Andic - 2007.


The Neither/Nor of the Second Sex:
Kierkegaard on Women, Sexual Difference, and Sexual Relations
Céline Léon
Publication date October 2008 Mercer Univ. Press
ISBN 978-0-88146-103-9 * MUP/H754 * $45.00s, cloth

Kierkegaard and Christianity in Acta Kierkegaardiana, Vol. 3, 2008, publishers: Kierkegaard Society in Slovakia, and Kierkegaard Circle, Toronto, Canada. Order through publishers. US $20, Euro 14..

Ethics, Love, and Faith in Kierkegaard, Philosophical Engagements, Edited by Edward F. Mooney, Indiana University Press, 2008 (Paper 24.95), See

Kierkegaard and Great Philosophers in Acta Kierkegaardiana, Vol. 2, 2007, consisting of essays by 20 authors. ( A publication initiated by the Kierkegaard societies of Slovakia, Barcelona, and by the Sociedad Iberoamericana de Estudios Kierkegaardianos, Mexico City)

Luis Guerrero Martinez, La verdad subjectiva (Col. Lomas de Santa Fe: Universidad
Iberoamericana, 2004),                     The Ages of Life: Childhood, Youth, and Adulthood (Mexico City, 2002)
Elsebeth Jegstrup (ed.) The New Kierkegaard (Bloomington: Indian University Press, 2004)

Alastair McKinnon’s book list. He has to dispose of his library. Books either written or published by him are reasonable priced. A few copies of the Kierkegaard Indicies in mint condition are available. Contact him at or visit the following web sites: (for the Indicies) or which gives information on the available resources of the Soren Kierkegaard Workshop

New Publishing series: The Individual. Kierkegaardian Philosophical Library. Direct inquiries to  Professor Giuseppe Mario Pizzuti, CENTRO ITALIANO DI STUDI KIERKEGAARDIANI,  85100 Potenza (Italy) - Via Acerenza 9. Tel 0971 474 535-22591/

El garabato is a publication in Spanish by La Sociedad Iberoamericana des Estudios Kierkegaardianos,  Mexico. The October 2000 issue is on Kierkegaard: the individual versus globalization, and lists among its contributors familiar names such as Luis Guerrero, Arne Gron and Gordon Marino.Submissions to editor Professor Luis Guerrero,

David E. Mercer, Kierkegaard’s Living-Room (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University
                            Press, 2001)

Pia Soltoft, Svimmelhedens Ethik/ Ethics of Dizziness (Copenhagen:
                            Gad Publishers, 2000)

Indu Sarin, Kierkegaard: A Turning Point (Delhi: Renaissance, 1996)

Niels Thomassen, Communicative Ethics In Theory and Practice,
                            trans. John Irons (London:Mcmillan, 1992)

Karen l. Carr and Philip J. Ivanhoe, The Sense of the Antirationalism: The Religious
                          Thought of Zhuangzi (New York, Seven Bridges Press, 2000)

Andre Leverkuhn, Das Ethische Und Das Aesthetiche Als Kategorien
                            Handelns /The Ethical and the Aesthetic and Categories of
                            Action (Frankfurt am Main, Peter Lang 2000)

Jorgen Bukdahl, Soren Kierkegaard & The Common Man, translated,revised, and edited by Bruce H Kirmmse
                           (Grand Rapids:Eerdmans, 2001)

Alastair Hanny, Kierkegaard : A Bibliography
                         (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2001)

John J. Davenport and Anthony Rudd, Kierkegaard After MacIntyre
                          (Chicago and La Salle: Open Court, 2001)

Niels Thomassen, Ulykke og Lykke
                           (Gyldendal, 2001)

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