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Final Exam

The above chart outlines the requirements for completing JUP 250. In terms of evaluation, the focus in this course is on argumentative papers and writing. The tests and the exam both contain essay questions, as well as short answer questions. Writing good essays is one of the keys to success in this course. How does one write a good essay? This is a difficult question, but there are certain key points to keep in mind. Your essays are not book reports or literature reviews; while you will most certainly need to read a lot, summarizing your reading will not really help you. You must present an argument: that means that aside from facts, you need a coherent, logical structure (as well as some measure of attention paid to aesthetic factors). A good rule of thumb is to construct your argument, making sure to cite the appropriate sources, and then do your best to tear it down. In your paper, include these anticipated criticisms of your argument and refute them. An essay that presents a sound argument, as well as anticipating and refuting criticisms will generally be well received.

A note on extensions: There will be no extensions except for reasons of medical emergency or serious misfortune (e.g. a death in the family).

A note on lateness penalties: The penalty for late assignments will be 5% per day, not just per school day.

A note on missed tests: If you miss an in-class test, you are now required to provide medical proof to the department. You can only be granted a make-up test after departmental approval has been secured. Please check your academic handbook for more information.