March 19th, 2007:

The test and essay have been bumped a week, with the test being on March 26th and the essay being due on April 2nd.

September 26th, 2006:

A few notes (plese forgive the lack of update last week...); After receiving a large volume of e-mails regarding confusion about the readings, Dr. Vervaeke addressed the matter in lecture... To summarize, Osherson & Smith 1 refers to readings from the first edition of the Osherson & Smith text. You do not need to purchase this, as the relevant readings have been photocopied and are available from Dr. Vervaeke in his office, at the CASA office and are also on reserve at the Laidlaw library in UC. Hope that clarifies things a tad. You may also find references to a mysterious entity known as 'JUP 250' -- that's this course's old code. I will endeavour to hunt down all such heretical references and purge them. That is all. Please form study groups; it will help. Oh and feel free to e-mail me (Leo, that is) to book an appointement at a mutually convenient time and place if you need guidance.

Now that really is all...

September 12th, 2006:

The site has been updated for the 2006/2007 academic year. Regular updates will occur weekly on Tuesdays, even if only to post a "no news is good news" update. If your browser doesn't note a change by Wednesday, it's time to Shift + Reload...