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clapper Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Ukrainian Cinema since Independence

Right to left and up: Norman Naimark gives Annual Toronto Famine lecture, Zbigniew Wojnowski (2011-12 Postdoctoral Fellow), Peter Solomon (Program Director), participants of the Fifth International Graduate Symposium in Ukrainian Studies (2012)

Established in 2001 with the support of Petro Jacyk and The Petro Jacyk Educational Foundation, The Petro Jacyk Program for the Study of Ukraine focuses on contemporary Ukraine, as well as its history and culture.

The Petro Jacyk Program is pleased to present its 2013-2014 Fellows and Visitors: 010

The 2013-2014 Jacyk Post-Doctoral Fellow: Maria Sonevytsky is an ethnomusicologist and musician. Her primary research interests include discourses of indigeneity and “wildness” in post-Soviet Ukrainian popular music, cultural policy, music and nationalism, and folklore and nuclear experience after Chornobyl. Read more about Maria Sonevytsky here. For a recent interview with Dr. Sonevytsky with Ronald Meyer, click here.

Dr. Anna Bazhenova (Petro Jacyk Visiting Scholar) is a doctoral candidate in John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin and a research fellow of the Institute of East-Central Europe (Poland). After receiving her M.A. in History at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev, Dr. Bazhenova wrote her doctoral dissertation entitled “International Contacts of Russian Historians (the second half of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries)” at the same university. The areas of her scientific interests include the history of the European universities of the 19th and 20th centuries, the history of Ukrainian humanities and arts, international contacts of historians and modern European historiography. At CERES, Dr. Bazhenova will conduct research on her project “Historians of Outlying Universities of Russian Empire and Integrations into the European Scholarly Community (the Case of Kiev and Warsaw Universities)”. She will be at CERES in October–December, 2013.

Dr. Olena Huzar (Petro Jacyk Visiting Scholar) holds a PhD in linguistics and is a professor at the Ternopil National Pedagogical University (TNPU) in Ukraine. Aside from chairing a department at the University’s Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology, Dr. Huzar is the Director of TNPU’s Ukrainian-Canadian summer program that brings to Ukraine Canadian students to learn the Ukrainian language and culture while working with special needs youth in rehabilitation centers of Ukraine. At CERES, Dr. Huzar will work on several projects in the field of disability studies, the theory and practice of educational integration, as well as accessibility and inclusiveness of university programs.  She will be at CERES in October-November, 2013.

Dr. Anton Symkovych (Petro Jacyk Visiting Scholar) is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Sociology, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Ukraine. For the past fourteen years his research interest has been in the area of prisons, spanning from Californian juvenile correctional institutions and British medium-security prisons, to a Ukrainian correctional colony. He holds degrees from Ukraine, USA, and UK. His PhD thesis (University of Cambridge, 2011), entitled "Power Relations in a Ukrainian Prison", was the first study of the Ukrainian prison in the English language of its kind, and one of the first to examine the dramatic transformations within the prison system following the collapse of the Communist régime. In 2012-2013 Dr Symkovych was a member of the Ukraine-Council of Europe expert group charged with designing a training course and writing a manual for Ukrainian prison governors and area managers. At CERES, Dr. Symkovych will work on a paper based on his doctoral research, as well as on a new course. He will be coming to the centre in spring of 2014.

Alexandr Voronovici (Petro Jacyk Visiting Scholar) is a PhD Candidate in History at the Central European University, Budapest, and an AFP Returning Scholar and Lecturer at the Department of World History of “Ion Creanga” State Pedagogical University, Chisinau, Moldova. Currently he is writing his PhD thesis entitled "Soviet Borderland Policies in the Ukrainian SSR and the Moldovan ASSR, 1922-1934." He has received fellowships from the German Historical Institute Moscow, Open Society Foundation,  and International Visegrad Fund. At CERES he will be working on the project “Collectivization and Famine in the Borderland Areas: The Ukrainian SSR and the Moldovan ASSR, 1928-1933.” Alexandr Voronovici's research visit was made possible thanks to the support of the Holodomor Research and Education Consortium, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta. He will be coming to CERES in October 2013.



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Taras Kuzio (CPRS, CIUS, University of Alberta), "The Crimea, Putin's Ukraine Policy and Domestic Ukrainian Politics: How did We Get Here and What this Holds for the Future." Read more and register


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