From: Josie Valotta
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 1999 09:42:51 EDT
Subject: Smartcard Review

To Graduate Assistants
Departments, Centres and Institutes

From Carolyn Johnston
Coordinator, Student Services

The University is undertaking a review of the smartcard project. In addition to serving as a library card, the smartcard was also used in 1998-99 as a student card (T-card) for all new students. The Committee (chaired by Ian Orchard, Vice-Provost, Students) will recommend on the future scope and nature of the smartcard.

Before SGS considers and prepares a submission to this Committee, we would welcome the imput of departmental staff and students. As a student card, does the T-card serve students better than the SGS paper ID card? As administrative staff, what has been your experience with the T-card as a means of student identification? Is the fact that the year of registration is not on the card a problem for you? Have students had trouble accessing any services with the card? Should the T-card be expanded to include payment of fees, building access, bank transfers to T-cards? By what office/division should the T-card be produced and managed (currently it is the Library)?

If possible, please forward this message to your students and we would welcome comments by May 15th. (
Many thanks.