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The Electronic Frontier Canada (EFC) maintains an excellent archive of articles in print media, covering a wide range of critical aspects of technology. It is so extensive that we offer below a selection of those articles that are most directly related to smart cards. As always, if you want the full load, go directly to the source.

Security and Cracking

Mondex's double life: E-Cash both "private" and "fully auditable"
Mondex: A house of smart cards?
Cracking Mondex a two-week job, says UK expert
... not so smart after all
Anderson: The unmaking of Mondex
Leaked National Bank memo confirms pilot version of Mondex broken
Mondex marketing may mask the issues
Aussie banks accept Mondex liability
Mondex combats concern over e-cash protection
Security of `cash cards' questioned
Cryptographers Discuss Finding of Security Flaw in 'Smart Cards'
Mondex: A House of Smart-Cards?
Hacking Smart Card Chips: At What Cost?
Mondex: A House of Smart-Cards?
Pirates Cash In on Weak Chips
Security expert claims e-cash system fatally flawed
Interview with Mondex International's John Beric
US agency decision may lock Mondex into low-value model

Campus Invasion

SmartCard hits campus

Government Use

Privacy law to pave way for 'smart card'
Federal smart cards: Privacy vs Savings
ACLU News Wire -- 09/18/96: Smart Card or Dumb Idea?
Technology News from Wired News


Swindon sniffs at smart card
Visa flies in experts to push chip cards
Smart Card, Smart Money?
Measuring Mondex


Channel Zero: The Electronic Eye Series; The Mondex Scenario (transcript)

Shiny Future / Gloss-Over Reporting

CANARIE to secure Net payment with Mondex Card
Mondex scores a victory in Canada
Computerworld's Mondex research wins support from cyber-rights chief
Mondex expands e-cash system
Canadian Town Tries Out Cash Cards
Will you soon be using smart cards for electronic payments?
Mondex to face smart competition
Where cash isn't king
Canada poised on brink of the cashless society
Banks issue cash-card pledge
Likely won't be available in Toronto before year 2000

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