Open Forum on the University of Toronto "Smart" Card

Hart House, Great Hall
Monday, November 2, 4-6PM

The introduction of a chip-based smart card as the U of T student card (the "T-card") marks a new phase in the computerization of campus life. The T-card is a combination identity card and wallet which authorises access to various campus facilities, such as the library and gym, and allows you to purchase goods with the cash stored on the chip. The T-card raises a host of serious issues for individuals and the University community as a whole.

Here are some questions to ask:

Seen as the forerunner of more widespread application of digital identity technologies in society, these issues take on a larger significance. Did you know that privacy groups and human rights organizations are actively opposing smart card implementations in many parts of the world? You might ask yourself:

Come to the Open Forum to discuss these and related issues.

This public forum is intended to provide the University community with an opportunity to learn more about the implications of the use of smart card technologies and to encourage more open and inclusive processes for the development of new technologies in the university.

Following brief introductory remarks by each of the invited speakers, the floor will be open for questions and lively discussion.

Invited Speakers:

Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario
Jack Dimond, University Commissioner for Freedom of Information and Privacy
Stephen Pender, President, Graduate Student Union (GSU)
Felix Stalder, Doctoral candidate, Faculty of Information Studies, (smart card researcher)
Karel Swift, University Registrar, Chair of the T-card Implementation Committee
+ a representative of the Student Administrative Council (SAC)


Andrew Clement, Information Policy Research Program, Faculty of Information Studies

For more information on the speakers, read their bios.

Sponsored by:

Graduate Student Union (GSU)
Information Policy Research Program (IPRP)
Students Administrative Council (SAC)
Hart House Debates Committee
Knowledge Media Design Institute (KMDI)
TAO Communications