Figure S2. RT-PCR validation of alternative exon splicing levels predicted using microarray data from ten mouse tissues.

Over 200 RT-PCR reactions were performed to test GenASAP-derived percent alternative exon exclusion level (%ASex) values generated from the AS microarray data from ten major mouse organs. A representative set of 80 RT-PCR reactions are shown, including GenASAP values for seven AS genes that have cumulative rank (CR) scores in the top 1600 AS genes, and one AS gene (AS#1678) with a rank of 1742. The AS genes analyzed were selected on the basis of the GenASAP predictions indicating exclusion levels ranging from less than 33% to greater than 67% across the ten tissues. The RT-PCR reactions were ordered left to right according the tissues showing lowest to highest %ASex levels values from GenASAP. The %ASex levels measured from scanning densitometry of the gels, and the GenASAP data, are shown below each gel panel. All indicated bands correspond to the expected sizes of the two isoform-specific RT-PCR products, and sequencing of a subset confirmed their identity (data not shown). Tissue abbreviations are: B, brain; H, heart; I, intestine; K, kidney; Li, liver; Lu, lung; M, muscle; Sa, salivary gland; Sp, spleen; T, testis.