Revealing global regulatory features of mammalian alternative splicing using a quantitative microarray platform

Qun Pan 1,2, Ofer Shai 1,3, Christine Misquitta 2, Wen Zhang 2,4, Naveed Mohammed 2, Tomas Babak 2,4, Henry Siu 2,4, Timothy R. Hughes 2,4,5, Quaid D. Morris 2,3,6, Brendan Frey 3,6, and Benjamin J. Blencowe 2,4-7


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1 Co-first authors
6 Co-senior authors

2 Banting and Best Department of Medical Research,
3 Computer Science and Engineering,
4 Department of Molecular and Medical Genetics,
5 Program in Proteomics and Bioinformatics,
University of Toronto

7 To whom correspondence should be addressed. Email: