Please also consult the Faculty of Arts & Science timetable. There may be some discrepancies or omissions as the official timetable hasn't been finalized as yet. We will update the course times and locations as they are confirmed.


JGI216H1S    Urbanization & Global Change

Instructor: D. Roberts
Lecture: Thursdays 4-6, Innis Town Hall


INI235Y1Y    A Multidisciplinary Introduction to Urban Studies

Instructor: S. Brail / D. Roberts
Lecture: Wednesdays 10-12, Innis Town Hall


INI333H1F    Critical Approaches to Urban Studies

Instructor: D. Roberts
Lecture: Tuesdays 3-5, RW143


JGI346H1H    The Urban Planning Process

Instructor: TBA

Lecture: Wednesdays 6-8, Location TBA


INI430H1S    Special Topics in Urban Studies II: Cities and Mega-events: Conflicts and opportunities (*NEW COURSE*)

Instructor: D. Roberts
Lecture: Mondays 1-3, IN204


INI433H1S    Special Topics in Urban Studies: Creative Cities Practicum

Instructor: K. Stolarick
Lecture: Tuesdays 3-5, IN204


INI437Y1Y    Urban Experiential Learning in Toronto & the GTA

Instructor: S. Brail
Lecture: Tuesdays 11-1, IN313


INI438Y1Y   Advanced Urban Research Project



JGI454H1H   The Role of the Planner: Making a Difference

Instructor: TBA

Lecture: Tuesdays 9-11, Location TBA