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Publications from the Institute for Canadian Music:

Publications by John Beckwith

  1. Music at Toronto: A Personal Account (1995)
    • John Beckwith, Professor Emeritus at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, graduated from the Faculty in 1947, was Dean 1970-77, and from 1984 until his retirement in 1990 was the Director of the Institute for Canadian Music and the Jean A. Chalmers Professor of Canadian Music. This book is the text of two lectures given in 1993 and 1994 during the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Faculty, in which the author aims "to combine an account of the Faculty's past with ... personal memories [of] one who as student and staff member was closely involved over more than half of that seventy-five-year period" (p. iii). (ISBN 0-9699416-0-9) $15

  2. Psalmody in British North America: Humbert, Daulé, Jenkins, Burnham (2002)
    • This publication is an outgrowth of a paper John Beckwith delivered for the conference Toronto 2000 Musical Intersections. It deals with four early volumes of vocal music first published in Saint John, Quebec City, Montreal, and Port Hope respectively between 1801 and 1832. There is a brief essay on each of the four volumes under discussion and an invaluable series of tables summarizing the contents of the publications and giving detailed information about the contents of different editions, the sources of the tunes, and indices for the volumes. (ISBN 0-9699416-1-7) $20

CanMus Documents series

  1. Sing Out the Glad News: Hymn Tunes in Canada, edited by John Beckwith (1987)
    • Proceedings of a conference on Canadian hymnody at the University of Toronto, Institute for Canadian Music, 1986 (ISBN 0-7727-8550-3) $15

  2. Hello Out There! Canada's New Music in the World, 1950-85, edited by John Beckwith and Dorith R. Cooper (1988)
    • Proceedings of a conference on the relationship of Canadian music to the world at large outside Canada, at the University of Toronto, sponsored by the Institute for Canadian Music and the Canadian Music Centre (Ontario Region), 1986 (ISBN 0-7727-8551-1) $15

  3. Composer and Orchestra: Some Canadian Works of the 1980s (unpublished)

  4. Three Studies (1989)
    • Rebecca Green: "College songbooks" | Gaynor G. Jones: "Toronto Conservatory" | Colin Eatock: "Arrayrnusic" (ISBN 0-7727-8554-6) $15

  5. Ethnomusicology in Canada, edited by Robert Witmer (1990)
    • Proceedings of the first conference on ethnomusicology in Canada, University of Toronto, sponsored by the Institute for Canadian Music, and the Faculties of Fine Arts and Graduate Studies, York University, 1988 (ISBN 0-7727-8556-2) $30

  6. The Fifth Stream, edited by Peter Hatch and John Beckwith (1991)
    • Proceedings of a festival-conference on the current state of Canadian composition, at Waterloo, Ontario, sponsored by Wilfred Laurier University, Institute for Canadian Music, and NUMUS Concerts, 1989 (ISBN 0-7727-8557-0) $15

CanMus Handbooks series

  1. Canadian Artists and Canadian Repertoire on Tour outside Canada, 1950-85, compiled by Dorith R. Cooper (1986)
    • No longer available

  2. Canadian Music in the 1930s and 1940s, edited by Beverley Cavanagh (1987)
    • Proceedings of a conference at Queen's University, 1986 (ISBN 0-88911-511-7) $5

  3. Canadiana Sheet-music Holdings in the Edward Johnson Music Library (unpublished)

  4. Multicultural music education: the "Music means harmony" workshop, edited by Timothy Rice and Patricia Shand (1989)
    • A publication arising from a workshop held at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, on November 16th, 1985. The 300 participants included members of an Ad Hoc Committee on Multicultural Music Education, the Ontario Music Educators' Association, and the University of Toronto Faculty of Music. The publication was made possible by a grant from Multiculturalism Canada. (ISBN 0-7727-8500-7) $10

  5. Alumni Directory: University of Toronto Faculty of Music, with an historical introduction by Ronald Chandler (1990)
    • Directory of graduates in music, University of Toronto, 1846-1989 (ISBN 0-7727-8555-4) $10

  6. Checklist and Index of Canadian College Songbooks (unpublished)

Also available from the ICM:

  1. History of BMI Canada Ltd. and PROCAN: Their Role in Canadian Music and in the Formation of SOCAN (1940-1990), by Jan V. Matejcek (rev. ed., 1996)

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