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Fall 2009

2009-2010 Health Services Research Seminars

Five years after the Canadian Adverse Events Study, health care organizations across Canada have launched efforts to improve patient safety. Despite these initiatives, many challenges remain. Much of the work in patient safety has emphasized safer practices by clinicians, yet safer systems will require more than individual efforts. Improvements in teamwork, organizational learning, and system coordination are critical to securing better outcomes.

The 2009-2010 Health Services Research Seminars series focuses on health care safety and quality issues that are relevant to health care practitioners, researchers, and consumers. This series of public presentations shares the insights of internationally-renowned health services and management researchers and the experiences of manager-practitioners actively engaged in quality initiatives in health services organizations.

Chaired by HPME faculty member G. Ross Baker, these seminars include presentations on and discussion of essential topics, including:

  • Innovation implementation and intervention experiences
  • Assessing and improving safety climate and culture
  • Governance for quality and safety
  • Learning from organizational failures
  • Effective measurement of patient safety
  • The role of information technology in patient safety and quality of care.

Seminars are free of charge. All are welcome. Click here for dates, topics, and speakers.