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Fall 2009

HCTP2: Health Care, Technology, and Place

Supported by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), Health Care, Technology, and Place (HCTP) is a unique graduate training program that’s firmly rooted in collaboration. This program provides a unique opportunity to educate the next generation of health services researchers.

While continuing to explore the ways technologies, societies, and space interact, HCTP’s second phase will encourage a broader approach to the highly practical and policy-relevant domain of health technology assessment. HCTP2 will also emphasize knowledge transfer and exchange with stakeholders in the health care delivery and policy-making fields through research placement opportunities (local, national, and international levels).

“To answer the most complex health care questions, we require people to work beyond their disciplinary boundaries,” says Dr. Peter Coyte, HCTP2’s director. “We also need them to work with leaders in decision-making organizations.”

HCTP2’s partners include 10 University of Toronto departments and faculties. Allied research initiatives, centres, and institutions at the provincial, national, and global levels are also well represented. These include the Medical Advisory Secretariat of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the Victorian Order of Nurses, and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.