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Fall 2009

Approaches to Accountability

Accountability is a component of many current health care reform efforts in Canada and around the world. We don’t, though, know a great deal about best practices in the area. And there’s a strong sense among researchers and policy-makers that sub-optimal approaches to accountability might have unintended negative consequences.

Funded by a CIHR Partnership for Health System Improvement (PHSI) grant and under the overall direction of Dr. Raisa Deber, the Approaches to Accountability program will comprise interdisciplinary and multi-sector studies of four approaches to accountability:

  • Financial incentives
  • Regulations
  • Information directed towards patients/payers
  • Professionalism/stewardship.

The program’s 18 partners include the Canadian Healthcare Association, the Canadian Medical Association, Cancer Care Ontario, the Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion, the Odette Cancer Centre, Peel Public Health, and the Toronto Central Local Health Integration Network. These partners will be crucial in helping to arrange key-informant interviews, gather materials, and disseminate findings.

In addition to the studies themselves, Approaches to Accountability will include knowledge transfer workshops with the program’s partners.