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Winter 2012

New SOG Strategic Plan: More Informed, More Connected

By: Anne Wojtak and Jodeme Goldhar

Anne Wojtak

In fall 2011, your SOG’s executive committee undertook a strategic review of the society’s work and our future. Given that we had achieved what we set out to do in our previous strategic plan, and given all the changes in the health-care environment, we knew it was the perfect time to reflect on our role and to imagine the future. With the support of an ad hoc strategic planning committee, we created a first draft of a new strategic plan and revisited our vision and mission statements.

Jodeme Goldhar
Jodeme Goldhar

During the last few months, we solicited feedback from IHPME alumni, faculty, and students. In an electronic survey, we were impressed with the over 125 respondents who gave us important feedback and shared their great ideas.

The executive committee recently finalized and approved a new vision, mission, and strategy that incorporate the results of our stakeholder feedback. The SOG Strategic Directions 2012 document is posted on our website.

Strategic plan highlights

Our new vision: To inform, influence, and inspire change in health care.

Our new mission: To promote knowledge exchange, lifelong learning, and meaningful connections between IHPME alumni, faculty, and students.

Our new values:

  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Promoting Knowledge
  • Collaboration
  • Mentorship

Our new strategic goals:

  • Increase integration within and between alumni, faculty, students, and the university.
  • Recognize and celebrate achievements of alumni, faculty, and students.
  • Be a catalyst for knowledge creation and transfer.

Stronger Connections

The most important change you will see in this new strategic plan is our focus on creating a much stronger connection between alumni, faculty, and students. We’ve already taken some important steps in that direction, including integrating the institute and alumni society newsletters into a single electronic newsletter that highlights news for alumni, faculty, and students, along with a new focus on the connections between student research, faculty activities, and alumni achievements.

We’ve also created a Linkedin site that is designed exclusively to promote networking among IHPME alumni, faculty, and students. Finally, we will be inviting the student award winners from Research Day to our upcoming Education Day on May 10 to network with alumni.

A sincere thanks to everyone who provided feedback and shared with us their thoughts on how we can build a better future for IHPME.