Hart House Archery Club offers quality coaching at an indoor shooting range located in the heart of downtown Toronto. An easily accessible space, dedicated to helping students and adults learn the basics, and develop their shooting skills in a friendly environment with the potential and support to enter more competitive streams. Learning archery is an amazing activity to take up at any age and helps you to discover yourself and what you are truly capable of.

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Hart House Archery Club is not affiliated with the Archery Lessons offered by Hart House. For inquiries about Archery Lessons: inquiries@harthouse.ca.

The Hart House Archery Club is open to adults of any age holding a Hart House membership. University of Toronto students are automatically members of Hart House, but everyone else will need to purchase a Clubs Membership for $175.60/year. For access to general athletic facilities you will need to look into other "Fitness Center Memberships".

You can join the HHAC to shoot during our Open Range hours or register for taught classes. More information on these options can be found on our Join the Club page.

New memberships will be made available near the start of the Fall and Winter terms, and sold at the Hub (front desk) of Hart House. Please check Announcements for availability. All new members will be required to sign up for a 30 minute introductory lesson, so please remember to sign up for a date and time when you purchase your membership.



Hart House Archery Club
7 Hart House Circle,
University of Toronto, Toronto,
Ontario, Canada M5S 3H3
Hart House Range


The directions to the range from the Hart House Hub are as follows:


Go down the west (right) side stair to the basement.

Make an immediate left turn, then turn right through the open door into a corridor with the hair salon.

See the "no entry" sign? This is your goal, but please let the Athletics Desk know you are going to the Range.

Go down this corridor (look at some historical Hart House photos) and turn left at the end of the hall.

Immediately there should be a sign pointing downstairs to the archery range, or "Multipurpose Room".



We now have a proper map to get to the range from the Hub, click HERE to see it. Special thanks to Tim Rothwell for his uber GIMP skills. :)

Did you notice the new page?!? That's the latest addition to our awesome club. Thanks to M.M. who created it and L.S. who maintains it. If you have any c