Frontier in Physiology - April 8th, 2011


FIP is a symposium that showcases and celebrates the cutting-edge research across all four platforms within the Department of Physiology. It is also a venue for exchange of scientific ideas amongst students and faculty members within the University of Toronto and its affiliated teaching hospitals and research institutions.

Every year, the Department of Physiology welcomes a distinguished scientist to give a keynote lecture at FIP. This year we were honoured to welcome Dr. Bruce M. Spiegelman. Dr. Spiegelman is a professor of Cell Biology at the Harvard Medical School. His research focuses on the gene transcription mechanisms in regulating energy homeostasis. His work has potential application in developing novel therapeutic strategies for diabetes, obesity, muscular and neurodegenerative diseases. We are delighted to have Dr. Spiegelman deliver his keynote lecture this morning, titled “Adipogenesis, PPARgamma and Therapeutics: A New Look at an Old Friend”.

The events of today were made largely possible by the combined efforts of a fantastic team. First and foremost, the GASP members, whom dedicated their personal time and efforts toward this successful symposium. The Chair of the department, Dr. Stephen Matthews, and the graduate coordinators, Drs. Denise Belsham and Martin Wojtowicz, for their continuing support of our student association. Many thanks are extended to the administrative staffs of the Department of Physiology who also helped to ensure a successful FIP day. A special thanks to all the faculty and postdoctoral fellows who volunteered their time as judges. Finally, many thanks extended to our institutional and commercial sponsors for their financial support: all four Department of Physiology research platforms, University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto Neuroscience Program, Division of Teaching Labs, Graduate Students’ Union, Invitrogen, Cedarlane Laboratories, QL Biosources Inc, and ESBE.

We are delighted to welcome you to FIP.

Tom Z. Lu
Vice-President of Graduate Association of Students in Physiology
Frontiers in Physiology Chair


FIP Program

Final 2011 FIP program can be downloaded here.


2011 FIP Poster/Oral presentation Winners



1. Matthew Purser

2. Prasad Dalvi

2. Gavasker Sivaskandarajah



1. Manzerul (Aurnee) Bhuiyan

2. Tharini Sivasubramaniyam



1. Nasrin Nejatbakhsh

2. Irene Lecker



1. S. Moniba Mirkhani

2. Guillaume Bastin

2. Wenbin Liang



Lauren Hager - EDRG


Nathalie Goodfellow - BRAIN

Jeffrey Kroetsch - CARDIOVASCULAR


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Cedarlane Laboratories

QL Biosources Inc

ESBE Scientific

University of Toronto Neuroscience Program

Graduate Student Union

University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine

University of Toronto Division of Teaching Laboratories

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Cardiovascular Platform

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