Eugenio Tellez

Eugenio Téllez’s works are relevant both to personal and collective histories and furthermore they consider the effects of collective histories upon the individual. Many of Téllez’s artworks also examine the process of war but with an understanding that in order to forge ahead and create sometimes it is necessary to destroy - a truth evident in nature. Téllez embraces the commotion, noise and rage that he claims exist in the world before we find speech, and as we see in Dawn of the Poet, with the transformation made possible by language it is possible to cast away that which prevents personal fulfillment. Indeed, Dawn of the Poet is a piece about the value and beauty of free speech and what can come to be when we focus on positive pursuits.

Eugenio Tellez
Dawn of the Poet

Excerpt from essay prepared for the exhibition
"Social Consciousness in Canadian Art"
on view from January 7 to January 31, 2002

Milena Placentile - Assistant Curator - Justina M. Barnicke Gallery

© 2002